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Pierre says he probably won’t defend belt

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  1. GSP didnt want to go up in weight and fight Silva for MW Belt cause he knew he would most like lose but soon as Bisping got the MW Belt he soon came bk after 4 years to move up to MW to fight for the belt LOL just because Bisping is the mosy easy fight out of all the other top MW. Now GSP knows he doesnt match up well with the other top MW like Silva back in the day so he wants to give the belt up LOL GSP is a legend no dought but also a boring fighter and ducked Silva when Silva was the best ever, now hes ducking other fighters lol Its the Conor "never defend your bet EVER? effect lol REAL FIGHTERS PLEASE STAND UP 😀

  2. 'I've always been against performance enhancing drugs and i did it the most' – GSP

  3. and people call gsp a goat????💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩

  4. I would love to see conor vs gsp for a superfight after 10 years of not defending belts.

  5. Not surprise lol. He always wanted to fight Bisping and then vacate it. Injury or not, u wouldn't of defend the 185 belt against Whittaker.

  6. It's Georges St-Pierre. His last name is St-Pierre… You don't say Gregor for Conor McGregor. You fruit loop.

  7. "Pierre" ? Mh. Next news will be about "Gregor" ?

  8. I don’t think George is hurt, I think he’s scared!

  9. Then fight Woodley if not, your'e A bitch and leave the fcking scene bye !

  10. Congrats to CM Punk on his blue belt shit ain't easy.

  11. GSP: I did not beat him, it's not true, its bullshit, i did not beat him. I did nhat….. ooh hi Tyron

  12. People were calling GSP the goat as well 😂 he couldn't touch the top 3 in welterweight or middleweight.He better hope for that Diaz rematch

  13. Do whatever you got to do George and get that Moneyyyyyy…. good to see the UFC get playyed.. they play fighters all the time

  14. I think hes scared of woodly tbh, woodly said he will go up and now GSP is going down? LMAO

  15. mma digest – St-Pierre becomes just only "Pierre". U guys must so so upset, just like us the fan, that GSP is not going to defend his belt ya.

  16. in last two years Rockhold fought once after KO loss and he getting title shot…

  17. gsp you fucking pussy as bitch

  18. Kelvin lost to weidman and rockhold beat weidman. Rockhold deserved. Also he lost the title when it was so unexpected. I was happy bisping won but not many people gave him a chance

  19. Called it, that's why I hate GSP. Cherry picking the weakest MW champ that he knew he had the best chance to beat. Fuck you GSP.

  20. 0:23 NEWSFLASH!
    Shock, horror! who could of possibly seen that coming?

  21. phahhahahahahhahahhahahahhahahahaahahahahaa

  22. Awwww god Dana must be pissed! Lol.. I actually thought he would fight Whittaker and the move back down

  23. For a second I thought gsp said he did performance enhancers …. wouldnt be suprised

  24. love that lobov vs ora for conners side piece.

  25. Strip GSP and make Whittaker vs Rockhold for the real belt. GSP is just scared as fuck to fight one of the real monsters at 185.

  26. Of course. We all knew Gsp wasn't going to defend the belt. Let Whittaker get that fucking belt.

  27. Was a complete joke.. The while thing was set up that way

  28. Dana assuring something and the opposite happens. We need to establish that as a natural law somewhere between E=mc2 and pi

  29. Ooh…Dana is going to be super excited about this. 😀

  30. everyone has been on steroids in before in the ufc just like everyone would smoke weed in high school

  31. Don't need ya life story pal, vacate the belt or defend it. Enough of this shite going on as it is

  32. Don't think anyone thought he would defend it.

  33. Georrrrrrge! SAINT PUSSY-AIIIIIIIIRE!!

  34. Gsp looks way smaller, he's stumbling over some words talking about using performance enhancers to gain weight

  35. Who is pierre? The cheese seller in lyon?

  36. Do people still remember the UFC before USADA, Reebook, Ronda, Conor and Chael?
    Do people still remember Strikeforce and Pride?
    Those were the golden days my friends.. those were the days..

  37. Gsp is full of shit. The real reason is that he knows he'd get his ass beat. The problem w Gastelum is that he's beaten all the OLD guys.

  38. FUCK YOU DANA! I hope GSP does not defend, just to make Dana pissed..
    He should be dogging Conor, not GSP..

  39. 13 ppl who disliked this need a swift kick to the neck

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