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Paige Vanzant vs Jessica-Rose Clark | HIGHLIGHT | UFC FIGHT NIGHT

Karyn Bryant, Michael Bisping and Yves Edwards breakdown the Paige vs Jessica-Rose fight. SUBSCRIBE for more from UFC ON FOX: http://foxs.pt/SubscribeUFCONFOX ▻Watch the latest content…

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  1. Paige has work to do but she really has to stop trying those arm and head take downs. You have to be freak string to get those against people who know what they’re doing . They’ll just get reversed everytime

  2. If paige went the distance with a broken arm. 100% she will be back.

  3. Great for jessica someone broke in her home and killed her cat. She needed some good in her life.

  4. “Win over a big name” is misleading. Big name comes from overhyped hotness, not great fighting. She’s young, can get better, but that wasn’t a win over a big name fighter, just a big name.

  5. This is … or this "video" is a classic example of what is wrong with UFC…. "NUT HUGGING" a no talent hack because she is easy to market … where as the other fighter controller the fight and Won a unanimous decision….gets no mention…. NEWS FLASH … THEY FOUGHT IN THE SAME WEIGHT CLASS AND MADE WEIGHT…

  6. Not impressed by that last round by Jessica Rose Clark, essentially got outstruck by someone with a broken arm. She did well in the other rounds though.

  7. Jessica rose Clark got a w on her record, but this fight doesn’t make her seem like a contender, she basically just sat on top of Paige for the whole fight, the only exciting part of the whole fight is Paige fighting with one arm.

  8. Paige a real tough girl got to respect her but she doesn’t really belong at this level of mma

  9. i think she wont be able to come back properly from a break like that. any kick or another backfist and it'll be broken again.

  10. Paige is really tough. She can take pain and punches well but she is a really bad fighter.

  11. Any beautiful woman who is willing to get in the ring and get repeatedly punched in the face is very dedicated to her sport. Overrated maybe, but only the fans did that.

  12. PVZ needs to drink more milk.

  13. paige looks sooooo freakin weak SOFT AF


  15. Still amateur, she needs to work on her technique more.

  16. It looks like Bisping is literally drinking his face off.

  17. Paige broke her arm haters

  18. pvz got some legs I have no idea what happened during that fight hmm

  19. While I'm not a big fan of Vanzant i don't agree on the "not a fighter" claim the comment section keeps saying. She went 3 rounds with a broken arm. At 0:23 she does a spinning back fist. That pop isn't the sound of her hitting Clark's face…………
    Anyways she's gonna be out for a bit to recover.

  20. Paige vazant should be ranked as a gatekeeper she couldnt get past a no-name 😂😂😂

  21. Respect pour VanZat qui a continuée à se battre avec un bras cassé

  22. Pagie should be a broadcaster not a fighter her striking level is not even top 10 worthy! She’s well spoken and she’s pretty I think she’s got a good shot at it she is a person trying to be a fighter not a fighter trying to be a better fighter she don’t got it! Do not see her blossoming into this fantastic fighter ever you can’t be a fighter you just have to be born with it it’s natural talent at least that’s the way I feel

  23. Paige need to train w cyborg seriously the girl sweet af and cyborg could gv her good training

  24. PVZ=all hype! Stick to modeling!

  25. In all fairness, Paige was fighting with a broken arm. Its one of those things. I thought Paige did pretty good considering her arm was broke.

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