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Nick Diaz Slams Daniel Cormier on Instagram, Brendan Schaub & Dana White Beef Continues

Nick Diaz slams Daniel Cormier on Instagram Daniel Cormier responds to Yoel Romero’s callout Paulo Costa wants Chris Weidman fight at UFC 230 Brendan …

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  1. I have mad respect for DC and Yoel but DC can’t call out Yomero like that. DC lost two fights to Bones at a lighter weight as well. Why can’t Yoel go up weight and brawl as well??

  2. I dont understand how dc can talk about romero not making wait he didnt get his full time to make wait in his last fight… An as for a losing theres noway he lost his last fight draw possibly but nowhere did he lose… its like the ufc didn't wabt Romero to be champ hence why they cut his time to make weight… misses weight= can't wein the belt

  3. Americans like fake shit they love lies.
    I was a big ufc fan until all this wwe shit started happening. I still watch some fights but I don't buy ppv anymore and never will. I rather see nick fight DC. Fuck cheater, dick chest

  4. Irrelevant ass Nickie boy coming out of the woodworks to make some money. Him and Nate diaz can stay gone…

  5. Brendan is 100% correct.

  6. Dc Lowkey should be scared of Yoel thats prolly why he denied his title shot

  7. It's a bit too ridiculous that Dana would explode on Schaub out of the blue. Whatever pissed him off, that's just a very unprofessional way to be the president of an organization trying hard to become mainstream. Using social media to make personal attacks on an industry expert because of a legit opinion (as confirmed by Bisping) is base and not Dana's job.


  9. Tired of the Diaz brothers non fighting for 3 years now they want a super fight?

  10. Nick is right. I dont watch wwe for a reason. Its scripted. Ufc 226 at the end seemed very f ing scripted. Wont buy ppv because I wont pay for fake fights and actors.

  11. Nick has a point about the Silva fight though. Silva came in on 3 days notice if I recall correctly and hurt DC pretty bad. If it was a prime Silva, it would’ve been a fun fight. It was a 3 round fight. DC is still a badass and I get Nick not liking the WWE type of call output he’s done the same to GSP calling him scared and all so he can shut it. DC would finish Nick if it was a street fight and I don’t think anyone is afraid of Nick. He’s so irrelevant, he’s not on people’s minds.

  12. Sounds like Schaub has some dirt on D White come on let's here it. Last warning.

  13. can't take bisping's opinion on the dana/brendan beef seriously, for obvious reasons.

  14. Lol Colby fucking stop it you aren't doing it right

  15. Surprised DC didn't use the PED card on Romero since its the only one he ever seems to play.

    MMA is full of social media drama queens, the whole organization act like hoes outside the cage.

  16. Nick Diaz going full CTE

  17. Ive broken my arm 3 times….there is no fucking way i would have been swinging it around trying to punch anyone with it. How do these ufc fighters always manage to do it? Calling bs on felder

  18. That fuckin Limey Bisbings gotta take Danas dick out of his mouth, And Schaubs right Dana dropped the ball the fat shit!

  19. Nick is acting like a loser. Who is he to shit on Daniel, he could never achieve what Daniel achieved. Why is he soo anxious about Cormier's moment of glory, like he didn't deserve it. Very unfair of him.


  21. I love Nick but DC would fold him into his pocket, and eat it later as a snack.

  22. Dc wants a big fightt no bigger than nick diaz callin you out

  23. dick chest Brock lesnar LOL

  24. Diaz called Brock "Dick Chest"…

  25. I'd love to see DC stomp diaz's face… funny he thinks he would have a chance…..

  26. Nick lay down the weed please

  27. I honestly like sage northcut super nice kid with a sick fighting style

  28. Dc is running from latifi he knows what I know

  29. I like Nick but DC would rag doll him

  30. I hope Dana White does not fuck up the UFC. Mixing it up with this fake
    ass WWE shit. And I love DC but it is getting a little ridiculous. Next he will
    be fondling himself in the mirror. Or getting a statue like connor burger king Mcgregor.

  31. Did Colby just say “In Hollywood with the liberal scum”? I mean I knew dude was a Trump supporter…but a Trump turd, I think so. Lame ass

  32. Agree fuck DC and his bs act beating Miocic isn't exactly a great feat. Goes to show the state of the UFC, most guys Miocic beat were at the tail end of their careers, I still consider JJ the goat no matter what DC does until he can beat JJ, he'll always be second.

  33. Nick Diaz, DC would come to Stockton and slap everyone to the ground and rape your mother in front you and Nate!!

  34. ufc is coming unraveled…… shits gay WWE now

  35. Bisping is such a dumb fuck. Most Freemasons are.

  36. Props to Colby for calling out liberal SCUM!!

  37. Did Nick Diaz just call out DC? LOL

  38. Colby you dont hold shit bitch, youll hold the L that Woodleys gonna give you

  39. The Diaz brothers have a fan base yes, but that fan base doesn't pay for PPV. UFC knows this and therefor gives zero fucks about having them fight. Please, don't talk to me about Nate's last two fights, that was Conor. Look at the numbers the Diaz brothers have done and you'll see through the bullshit. Diaz brothers are yesterday's news

  40. Shut the fuck up Covington you pos. I guarantee he knocks you out inside 2 rounds. I would love to see you go down like Josh Koscheck. Boom boom out go your lights


  42. Dumbo Schaub looks like the guy from that new Venom movie :l

  43. Eskimo brothers? So.. is Brendan saying they both fucked Ronda? Or was it some one else.

  44. Correction DC you won ONE belt in your last 2 fights, you never beat Jones for the 205 title you fuckin towel cheating liar

  45. Dana white is the hilary clinton of the UFC…

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