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Nick Diaz sick of UFC being like WWE, calls out Daniel Cormier (DC)

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  1. Cant wait for Yoel to embarass DC. SPEED KILLS motherfuckerz

  2. nick would get toss up like a doll if he fight DC HAHAHAH

  3. Everyone calling out DC now. Yoel would be a good fight but Nick sit tf down, the wrestling and size would be too much for you.

  4. Double dick down for rowdy Ronda!

  5. Nick Diaz… How about taking on this fight: Diaz vs Alcoholism; one fight you keep losing…

  6. y is diaz bitch ass talking they aint shit fuck them both Fight tyquil u punk bitch sdfu u hoe lol

  7. Nick Diaz vs Conor McGregor for the undisputed talk about fights without being in one belt

  8. did you start censoring? why? I love fuck and shit!

  9. give nick diaz a heavyweight fight if he really wants. not title fight

    see what happens could be interesting if he really does have the balls like he claims

  10. the fanboys in comment sections are always hilarious. Diaz did the trash talking before that was the only way to get a title shot, and before most of you's started watching the sport. have some respect for the legend

  11. is Nick calling out DC @ heavyweight? that's the worst possible thing he could ever do. huge money fight though.

  12. The baddest man on the planet monicker is sickening. HWs are the least talented fighters in the UFC.

  13. DC Vs. DIAZ Dana MAKE IT…hap…happen wait what?

  14. I love this idea nick Diaz will be jacked at 205 probably be a 5 round war

  15. Nick hasn’t won a fight in 7 years. Not even Vince McMahon could sell giving him a title fight

  16. The last fight Nick Diaz won was against BJ Penn when Obama was still President LMAO

  17. All you casual fans don't know what Nick Diaz has done in this sport. Smh

  18. Lol Nick wants to jump up 3 weight classes

  19. Nick called wwe wwf is not 1999 😅

  20. Silva actually had 2 days notice

  21. I wanna see Nick Diaz vs DC. DC will show him what a real beatdown looks like

  22. Wtf is with mma media he never called DC out lmao he ranted like a dumbass sure but where exactly is the call out?

  23. I used to like DC. Used to

  24. Didn’t he just get arrested for choking out his girlfriend? And stop with the “she was just a fan..” , yeah a fan girl he was sleeping with and then choked. Solid work

  25. Dick Chest…hahaha that is pretty funny and makes perfect sense when you look at the picture

  26. Nick Daiz is out of "weed"😄

  27. Like Nick isn't an embarrassment to the sports when he beats up women, gets into street fights, and films himself intoxicated night after night.

    Brock Lesnar does got a dick chest though

  28. Cool nick all you need to do now is man up and stop smoking weed and get back in the test pool for 6 months. Put up or shut up for fuck sake

  29. Yoel vs DC is a good match up. Olympic wrestlers & around the same age

  30. DC would rape and eat his chollo ass

  31. why not do that fight before the brock fight. cormier isn't scared and diaz would sell more ppv's then anyone HW or LHW

  32. Fuck sakes! Nick should call out Maywether, no punching, no kicks no takedowns or submissions. MAYBE then Nick would risk a 4th consecutive loss in 7 years.

  33. Diaz would get his ass kicked by DC even his fans and people that don’t like DC most know that.

  34. Nothing like a retired fighter talking about how he's a real fighter who will take on anyone at any time.

  35. Brandon " The Copper Snitch! " Shwab

  36. Im a diaz fan, but nick diaz needs to stick to smoking weed with celebs. Says he would fight any weightclass, but turned out fight, left, right, and center. He would show up to fight dc instead of tyron woodley? Dumbest thing i heard in a while.

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