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Nicco Montano vs Roxanne Modafferi | HIGHLIGHTS | THE ULTIMATE FIGHTER

Montano gets the win and the belt to become the first women’s flyweight champ SUBSCRIBE for more from UFC ON FOX: http://foxs.pt/SubscribeUFCONFOX …

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  1. looking like UFC 2 over here

  2. ,,..,,NATIVE PRIDE!!!!!,,..,,#——->😵

  3. It sucks roxeanne fought. She's boring to watch. That other girl that was supposed to fight wouldve been a way better fighter

  4. God help nicco montano when Valentina shevchenko makes her way down to 125.

  5. there is no possible way roxanne is an actual fighter. the whole show she sounds like and fights like a paid actor. in her first fight on the show maybe one of the elbows got through, other than that it was just overacting and flailing. she has no skill and is super slow. if she is a real fighter and has been training for however long her script says she did, then shew should be alot better and faster. i dont take her serious at all and laugh everytime she says something or gets in the octagon. overrated and terrible. what a joke.

  6. Roxanne fought like a champion. My hat and my respect goes to her.


  8. a woman with a record of 4-2 is the world champion…kind of ridiculous.

  9. What happened wasn’t Sijara supposed to fight her?

  10. Keep ur head up Roxanne! You fought awesome! You both were amazing and deserve a ton of respect. Youre a true warrior that will come back even stronger.Im still your fan bigtime.

  11. God how has Roxy not learned to throw a punch yet
    ..big inspiration tho she's a great person !

  12. yeh, that was a rElE gud competition 4 hUz the 2nd bSt 125r in the wrLd, gS vLNTna wil tAk hr bLt on the nXt1✋️

  13. I enjoy girls fighters mora than Male fighters. Men just talk and run all night.

  14. Amateur hour. Valentina is coming!

  15. i love Nicco M. strategy in tackling down Roxanna. Job well done!

  16. shes the chanpion? who? what?

  17. Bisbing got rocked watching this

  18. that was the first fight Roxanne looked ok. as for nicco. she is not champion level sorry

  19. Start shining that belt, Valentine is coming for it.

  20. Yeah she did fight her last minute so good for her.

  21. They exchange more than most guys do

  22. It's back and forth cause thosw girls can't finish. Why didn't the ufc start with like female heavyweights, or just heavier chicks in General. Girl fights are so boring unless it's like the pinnacle

  23. Roxanne has got a lot better well done.

  24. Anyone else see that they said Michael was 31-7?

  25. i feel bad for nicco…..now she’s boutta get torn apart by valentina n jj

  26. Rashad caught me off guard

  27. Jeesus Christ Bisping is back at work – gotta respect the man

  28. I'm surprised but I think Bisping is the best part of these shows. Doesn't fumble many words and gets his point across quickly and clearly.

  29. The female equivalent to the Stephen Bonar vs Forest Griffin fight

  30. Bisbing we still love you dawg 👍🏽

  31. you'd think the ufc would've learned from the last time they let an amateur be champion "carla esparza".

  32. remember when bispong fought rashad @205

  33. Thank goodness that Roxanne chick didn't win. She is NOT a champion, just look at her record and her technique, or lack thereof. She is sloppy in everything she does and doesn't deserve any championship. Gotta find better competitors if you wanna make a new division. What a joke.

  34. I thought she was supposed to fight the chick with the dreads? What happened with that ?

  35. Roxanne is the only woman that could beat Cyborg.

  36. Has Nicco always been a chick? If Bisping ever walks past you, yell ‘hey buttface’. He’ll turn and say ‘what?’ on most occasions.

  37. 14 seed to champ…doubt she’ll lose the belt next fight…congrats on winning with a broken foot…not everyone can pull that off

  38. Nicco will end the valentina hype

  39. She'll be the champ until her next fight lol

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