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News, Weekend Mixed Martial Arts results

Song at end: Dustsucker by Jens Kiilstofte [Machinimasound] is no copyright music that is licensed under Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International. Extra Info: ——————————…

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  1. mmadigest with all due respect your videos were alot better without all the cuts to one liners. Just my opinion not sure if anyone agrees.

  2. You just gloss over the goat getting a ko? Smh

  3. That karate kid just put standing martial arts back 20 years with that shit


  5. Danis is going about this all wrong. At the moment he's a nobody with a 1-0 record but great bjj. Other fighters on his level won't want to fight him because his bjj dangerous, fighters above his level won't because he's a 1-0 guy, so he'll go nowhere. Needs to be playing down his skills in the media

  6. Fedor back on those Pride steroids

    bring in juiced up wanderlei and lets make this happen

  7. Also Bellator 198 was sick no decisions the whole card and ends off with a sick fight with a first round KO

  8. That was Dillons MMA debut not pro MMA the other guy deadass has more expirence comment section dudes are idiots

  9. You can even hear Dilon Danis trying to adapt an Irish accent. It’s kinda pathetic lol

  10. Frank “the striker” Mir

  11. Mir rushing at Fedor with his hands down trying to play the knockout game.

  12. You'll never be Connor so just stop

  13. Beats mir but gets molly whomped by maldobabo? Wtf

  14. Fedor looked like he was back in Pride Fc last night. Epic performance by the master.

  15. Dilion Dannis is wannabie Corner Mcgregor

  16. Who the fuck is that guy at the end anyways

  17. Danis is a tool, no wonder he got kicked out of Marcelo Garcia's academy.

  18. god i hate niggers why do they allways need to act like such tools after they win? theyre so fucking insecure it makes me cringe to watch them

  19. i thought Dillon is a bum like the majority of SBG guess i'm wrong. this guy is legit.

  20. Dillon Danis wants to be Conor soo bad

  21. The level of competition is so high these days……

  22. Bye Bye Gunnar. If you think about it, Conor really tried to push his mates into the UFC. Remember in 2014 he declared Gunnar the future welter weight champ. Artem, Gunnar, andrew in Maclife, and a bunch of SBG guys i dont know and dont give a shit about. He really tried. But hes just an anomaly. Combination of personality and skill makes him all thats left of Ireland.

  23. I hate Dillion Danis, what a douche.

  24. mmadigest > Clickbait MMA WORLD

  25. Black Karate guy is a fucking tool!

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