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MMA Striking Fails, Bloopers, Bizarre moves

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  1. For years I had no idea the fat dudes opponent was ken shamrock….

  2. That fat guy rolling away after he missed is actually a good idea lol

  3. Sylva with the guitar against Vitor was hilarious

  4. 47 dislikes from mma world making different accounts lol


  6. Anyone who hasn't seen the Quarry v Starnes fight (1:13) should check it out, it is…unique.

  7. what the fuck was cm punk even trying to do

  8. The Guitar Hero one nearly killed me 😂💀

  9. Challenged myself not to laugh out loud during the whole clip

    Failed at Ronda Rousey and the superman punch @2:00

  10. This whole video is a fail as it doesn't include any of Ronda shadowboxing.

  11. I love Ronda Rousey fine ass-Dana "The Black Beast" White

  12. Bro how do you remember all these you’re an mma encyclopedia

  13. That cm punk right hand was the stuff of legends

  14. its like you youtubed the title and came up with a 2 minute montage of clips and uploaded them in shit quality. you fucking kidding me bro?

  15. When's the next annual mma meme comp ?

  16. cm punks devastating striking turned gall into a panic wrestler 3 seconds into the fight

  17. At 0:20 his friends were cheering for him, until he got KTFO. lol

  18. Can someone explain me what happens at 1:00 ?

  19. What about the Atomic Butt Drop, Mark Hunt vs Wanderlei?

  20. lol at the first guy trying to be MVP

  21. MMA WORLD changed my bum loife.

  22. honorable mention… weidman's spinning back kick against rockhold

  23. what the fuck do people be thinking

  24. Almost gave you a dislike for not showing Rousey ko

  25. 1:53 kills me every single time…

  26. Let's be honest…Gall is very lucky Punk missed with that huge right.

  27. The last clip of Maia vs Silva was godly

  28. Mmadigest changed mma worlds bum life

  29. “So where throwing spinning shit now” -Anderson Silva

  30. That first one is so satisfying

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