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May 2018 KOs (Non UFC / Bellator shows)


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  1. Why dose kids fighting at 0:26 doh?

  2. Some of the knockouts were SAVAGE AF!

  3. There's some highlight reels in Egypt, no one discovered it yet

  4. I didn’t watch the Bellator card this weekend. Is Ryan Bader fighting chael then for the semi’s?

  5. 0:02
    Pretty sure the dude on the right was playing Fortnite and smoking Bongs with my Son in the basement the other day…. I swear that's him.

  6. People……

    I highly recommend Hummys VR YouTube channel. Side splitting laughs.

  7. seen everything before, you are late!!

  8. Casuals not needed here baby

  9. Crookshanks with the upset KO, lol

  10. that over hand right! warned him with it once too and still walked into it

  11. Good Work mmadigest, apreciate the work u guys put on making this
    Keep _Them coming =)

  12. LOCATION and TIME, where are they?

    conor has no balls

  13. Nice too see a female flying knee for once and O was also very happy too see Nunez using leg and body kicks especially the leg ones because it crazy too think Ronda was champion she maybe through one leg kick and so none of her opponent did. It goes too show you how much farther womens mma has came

  14. Is it odd that I'm still not jaded by KO footage?

  15. We need at least 4 man tournaments back

  16. These underground fight organizations always have the most brutal ko’s it’s beautiful and fucked up all together

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