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Marlon Moraes KO’s Jimmie Rivera | HIGHLIGHTS | UFC FIGHT NIGHT

Moraes made a statement on Friday as he KO’d Rivera in under a minute. SUBSCRIBE for more from UFC ON FOX: ▻Watch …

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  1. Were you surprised by the outcome of the fight?

  2. Sound like a coconut fell and landed on concrete. 😲😨💪😏

  3. He took Jimmie to Camp Kick-a-kee like he was Ernest.

  4. shredded AF. USADA PLZ lol

  5. I bet he does 100 pushups, 100 situps, 100 squats, and a 10 mile run everyday…

  6. Jimmy Rivera Trash!!! HAHAAHHA BIG Lzzzzz

  7. We got a new contender in the bantaweight .,,, nice kick

  8. Well placed switch kick.. usually we see people landing kicks with the top of their foot.. this is such a proper head kick.

  9. Moraes has been looking really good since destroying Sterling. He should get a title shot next whoever wins Dillashaw vs Garbrandt

  10. This dude the Brazilian cro cop

  11. Dillashaw vs Garbrandt
    Dominick Cruz vs Assuncao Marlon Moraes vs John Lineker
    Yay or nay?

  12. What sucks about this result is that I feel Rivera was the only fighter in the division who could hang with the big three. I don't feel that way about Moraes. I don't see him catching any of the top 3 with stuff like that. Rivera has good all around skills, and that's what made him a good prospect. Everyone gets caught though. Dillashaw was knocked out by Dodson, and Dom was submitted by Faber. Rivera can either come back stronger, or let this loss define his career.

  13. Anyone who over looked Marlon In this fight, congratulations you played ya self

  14. Moraes versus the winner of dillashaw and garbrandt should be next.

  15. Beautiful; looked so clean

  16. A basic attack he should've seen coming from a Muay Thai fighter. Sucks for Jimmie because public perception will make him look as if he was a complete bum but he is far from it.

  17. I can't believe Jimmie didn't see that kick.

  18. this footage looks weird, not bad just different

  19. I think he ko him twice. I think it was a flash ko after the kick then he woke up and got ko again lol

  20. Cody garbrant vs Marlon is a barn burner potential fight, ko happening forsure.

  21. I’ll guarantee you that kick will starch anyone in the 135 div and that is why he is dangerous in a title bout

  22. A lot of great fights to come after this! I wouldn't count Jimmy out just yet either! Garbrandt vs Rivera, Moraes vs Dillishaw, anyone?

  23. thatll shutup rivera for now

  24. That’s how u finish it Edson Barboza! Marlon is the man

  25. Jimmie Rivera is so good at pressuring fighters, for some reason he’s not pressuring here and paid for it.

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