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Mark Hunt vs Curtis Blaydes | HIGHLIGHTS | UFC 221

The UFC on FOX crew breaks down the Co-main event between Mark Hunt and Curtis Blaydes. SUBSCRIBE for more from UFC ON FOX: http://foxs.pt/SubscribeUFCONFOX ▻Watch the latest content UFC…

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  1. Takedown after takedown. Did you expect 10 takedowns from Blaydes?

  2. For his own good, Mark Hunt needs to retire. He doesn't hit as hard as he used to. At 43, it's become too risky to be fighting. There should be a law that sets the age limit at 40.

  3. Tired of seeing takedowns. Stand up and fight!!

  4. Hunts a cult legend of MMA. He still looks tough enough to keep fighting in the UFC IMO.
    Blaydes is an exciting future HW propsect-he may very well be World Champ oneday. He's already pretty far for a 26yo. Give him 2-3 more years of near perfect elite level MMA training combined with clean and strict nutrition and he may be the next HW Champion. No one can deny his overall effectiveness when you look at his wrestling game combined with the improved striking and conditioning.

  5. Was about to best $60 on Hunt. Instead bet on Yoel and won $200.

  6. Guys need to train more boxing, that's why the fight was boring

  7. Mark Hunt should've thrown more upper cuts. 10 takedowns! He would've caught Blaydes especially after he already hurt Blaydes and then only to get taken down cuz he followed up with hooks.

  8. Mark has just gotten old. His explosion and agility are practically non-existant at this point. All he has left is that big right hand and from the looks of this fight, even that is starting to leave him. Time to hang up the gloves Mark, you've had a nice career and have been a very fun fighter to watch.

  9. This just solidifies Hunt even more of a LEGEND. I mean this man is literally a senior citizen in this type of sport, & he's still giving these young heavy weights a hard time.

    So congrats to Blaydes. Well done.

  10. Hunt will sue Blaydes for toooo many takedowns

  11. Mark " 1 Trick Pony" Hunt.

  12. Good ole Reverend Blaydes.

  13. I been saying Hunt is washed up bitter oldman. I said it yesterday I say it again today I'll say it when he losses his next 3 matches. Old Mark hunt punch from 3-5 years ago could've put down Blaydes but Hunt just does have the same power he used too

  14. Mark is 43… props to the man

  15. I like Curtis, he is young and champ material for sure

  16. If Mark would actually capitalized on his knockdowns instead of trying for the walk off KO, he definitely could have finished this.

  17. 26 vs 43 not bad old hunt still dangerous

  18. People saying mark needs to retire means they are saying Ngannou also needs to retire lol. Mark didnt even get hurt, he almost won. Just needs to work on Grappling

  19. Mark Hunt needs to retire instead of making average ranking fighters look good.

  20. https://youtu.be/uyn0AKTQNhI
    How come Russians never complain about roided up to gills UFC complaint.

  21. Curtis blaydes jeezus ufc got no names man.

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