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Mark Hunt mad he’s removed off UFC Sydney, Werdum replaces him

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  1. Werdum is fucken Cocky when he has the title I want to see Francis "The predator" get that belt

  2. 1:18 I thought old man Kelly retired after Brunson put him to sleep. I like Elias but that's gonna be a boring ass fight.

  3. 1:15 Oh shit Fabio is fighting?!

  4. I didn't see the stuttering stuff so I can't comment but of course Hunt is gonna be pissed getting taken of a card in Oz. What's fucked is that the UFC is acting like they're trying to protect him but in reality they've let him fight a bunch of juiceheads before. What's his contract like? Why not let the man fight in his backyard and stipulate that he's done if he gets knocked out or takes too much punishment. I'd rather retire at home than on some fucking card in Kentucky or something lol.

  5. mmadigest ch-ch-changed my bum life

  6. He's nobody bootlicking bromance friends zone fighting mascot .

  7. Maybe don't mention that you have having brain issues if you don't care about your health and want to fight. Love Mark but you get pulled when you go to press with this shit….obviously should have kept quiet if you don't want to get pulled medically. It looks bad for the UFC or any promotion to have a brain issue get released to press with one of their fighters than have him headline a card….they would have looked terrible if they let him fight. Mark has some serious beef with the UFC but this doesn't seem to be related. Really dumb move by Mark here.

  8. In Australia calling someone a dog is by far the greatest insult. He is pissed!!!


  10. Why would you want werdum to just beat all the up and coming heavyweights?

  11. Mark Hunt is the most overpaid fighter in the ufc and he's complaining and getting mad because he wasn't clear to fight

  12. To all the people mad at Dana: If Mark Hunt was to die in the Octagon or get serious brain damage due to the accumulation of being repeatedly brutally KO'd, that would look VERY bad for the UFC and MMA in general, the UFC has to save Mark from himself because its obviously Mark wants to die fighting, literally.

  13. Thats what happen when you sue your boss lol…

  14. DJ was too scared to fight TJ

  15. "If i die, I DIE" – Mark Yamasaki

  16. which song is being played for the background music

  17. Any thoughts why werdum wants that fight? Easy money?

  18. Never ending complaints from Mark Hunt.

  19. Damn man, dying is not whats scary, living without a functional and fucked up brain is.

  20. He called dana a dog but what type of dog are we talking about here?…….they're so many type of dogs out there….Chihuahua, bulldog, pitbull, and many more. What type do you consider dana white to be?

  21. What did he think was going to happen saying that you are having all those problems. Sluring words, short term memory loss , stuttering. I love hunt but come on man. You were looking for sympathy while citing CTE and brain damage not made because the said a guy with those problems should be fighting? And then to mention passing the physicals? Dont treat your fans like idiots, we know that a physical is one thing and a mri , brain scan , and CTE scanning are completely different things. You are pretty much saying "well my heart rate is good, knees and back are good so of course I dont have brain trauma. Come on man. One post you are saying the ufc doesnt care about fighters and would let them die and all that shit. Then claim to have all this brain damage, then call them scumbags for not letting you fight? So what if you did fight and lost you would say that they should have never let you fight. It was the shame shit you pulled with Brock "I dont care if he is on roids, let him take them, hes going to need them, ill beat him on roids" then you lose and say he was on roids, that why I lost, they should have never let him fight, the ufc is out to get me. This guy says one thing then instantly takes the other side. You are almost broken even as a fighter 12-10-1. You have made a lot of money. More money then probably any fighter in history with a even record. Stop complaining, stop crying and call it quits or stfu.Its one thing to complain about money. I think all fighters should make more money. But man if I owned a company and looked at your records I would think twice before paying you half as much as the UFC does. Then add on the stuff you are saying about your brain, the way you publicly trash your company. I really dont see anyone wanting to mess with that for the money you are making now.

  22. that fucker from jeopardy needs to lose.

  23. Marks a good dude it does seem like his outspoken views against Dana and the ufc as well as the lawsuit caused this.

  24. Mark is a legend! A truest of all the fighters. Just respect him you pussies. Personally i dnt wanna see him fight no more but you cant take the fight off of him. Real fighting man

  25. Dont make dana call his boy brock and come kick your ass fatboy

  26. this is number1 bullshit
    -mark "super bellator time"hunt

  27. Werdum taking these fights real quick.

  28. Mark "abdhfhcuntkskdnr" Hunt

  29. Mark Hunt only remembers what he had for lunch

  30. Tybura still has time to prepare for Werdum but it's going to be a harder matchup

  31. If the article is true then he should never have been put on the card. Why let him spend that money on a camp before pulling him?! I wish he’d retire.

  32. Some say Jeremy Stephens looks into the mirror and asks "who am I?"

  33. I would be happy for mark hunt if he goes to Bellator he deserves more respect

  34. 0:20 holy shit MMADigest savage af for actually stuttering there

  35. If he didn't mean it then he shouldn't have said it but a stupid article inst reason for UFC to pull him from the card since he passed his medicals. I'd sue the shit out of them if they broke contract.

  36. Do u have a link to the interview where he is slurring his words?

  37. It's sad the situation of Mark Hunt. Good guy.

  38. Mark is really grumpy these days, he used to be so chill. As an Aussie, I hope bec takes a knee to that obnoxious hole in her face. Lets go Joanne.

  39. Dana 'Bald Headed Prick' White was never my friend – Mark 'My Words' Hunt

  40. The UFC should buy Hunt out of his contract and let him fight juice heads for less money in Bellator, or Japan. I'm a big Hunto fan in the ring/cage, but he's really turned into a whiny bitch lately. Was he crying about roidheads in Pride?

  41. Mark Hunt should retire. He could die and has taken way to much damage. He's such a legend though.

  42. Well Mark Hunt kinda overshare there.

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