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Mackenzie Dern missed weight by a lot | WEIGH-IN | UFC 224

Mackenzie Dern missed weight by over 7 lbs and will forfeit 30% of her fight purse to her opponent Amanda Cooper. SUBSCRIBE for more from UFC ON FOX: …

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  1. Used to be a fan but she’s absolutely pathetic. Mackenzie “Loaded Big Rig” Dern 🍔🍖🌭🍕🌯🍟🥘

  2. Dom is right about the advantage

  3. I couldn't have cared less about this fight until now lol. Definitely rooting for Amanda to knock her out

  4. I am Brazilian and I was looking forward to Mackenzie Dern in this fight. But now I want Amanda to give her the beating of her life. 7 pounds for a tiny female division is a complete outrage. Amanda Cooper FTW.

  5. i pity the fool$ that bet on ABC lol💰🤔

  6. It's not just a weight advantage. It's also an extra day of rest and not dehydrating your body to nothing the day before a fight. Dirty gameplan.

  7. she focused on that 'lookin good' outside the UFC money. Its a lot more than the ufc offers.

  8. Tyron “play by the rules” Woodley

  9. Just move up to flyweight, or get off the cheeseburgers

  10. Remember that time cyborg missed weight by 7lbs. And not to mention Gabi missing wight by 20+lbs when she was supposed to fight that 50 year old grandmother.

  11. Mackenzie Communist Girl Dern

  12. She always misses weight…

  13. She must have took a big risk because if Cooper didn't agree to fight there be no fight going on because if you miss weight a fight will be cancelled.

  14. Lol I don't feel like doing the math but 7 lbs is like a 5% weight advantage at 115.. that's huge.. like a 170lb fighter weighing in at the low 180s .. it's too much . . With that said .. she's gonna be in my draftkings lu

  15. There's actually another HUGE advantage to the person who didn't cut weight, and that's that she didn't cut weight. What a lot of folks don't know is that the process of fasting and drying out to make weight (which everyone does) causes a HUGE strain on your body and brain. Getting re-hydrated is a whole other process and if you don't do it right, your performance is going to take a huge hit.

    So, not only does Dern get to go into this fight heavier than her opponent, but she gets to do so STRONGER than her opponent because she's not weakened by the cut. If this really is her tactic to win, it's downright despicable.

  16. It is intentional. She doesn't even try to make weight.

  17. Dom with the gems again . Him joe and stann is the dream team on the mic

  18. Mackenzie ' I got calories to burn ' Dern

  19. Ayo Shogun knew it… in the embedded the first thing he asked her was “how’s your weight”

  20. She’s a dirty fighter she needs to make weight don’t let it happen again Dearn

  21. This fight should be cancelled.

  22. What is Woodley a retired analyst now.. dude never fights

  23. Too much twerking not enough weight cutting

  24. She missed her flight had a ruff week give the girl a break she still cute!

  25. Amanda us gonna get her arm ripped off…mark my words

  26. Mackenzie "The Belly" Dern back at it again

  27. 7 lbs is a huge deal…..1 or 2 lbs make a big change 7? that means she will be at least 15 lbs on top before fight…..thats a big deal….

  28. Arizona accent is heavy, guys. Is normal.

  29. She’s being a dirty cheat to up her brazilian image.

  30. Why would you praise someone missing weight? That’s not smart it’s unprofessional.

  31. Amanda must have sent a ton of cookies to dern's room

  32. Worst weight cut ever. She might be at risk.

  33. It's cuz Thickenzie's body is so THICC, the cheeks got all that extra size

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