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Luke Rockhold vs Yoel Romero | HIGHLIGHTS | UFC 221

The UFC on FOX crew breaks down Yoel Romero’s impressive KO of Luke Rockhold in Perth on Saturday. SUBSCRIBE for more from UFC ON FOX: http://foxs.pt/SubscribeUFCONFOX ▻Watch the latest…

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  1. Nothing more entertaining than seeing an arrogant smug like Cockhold get his face bashed in. Cant wait to see more pummeling once he goes up to LHW. Fun times ahead.

  2. I wish khabib was middleweight I would love to see him fight Yoel

  3. Luke is such tough mfer…my GOD…I hope, idk…He needs just BIG fights for high ranks or belts. Always..This is a fight, and tbh Luke surprised me with a few things. Just that last punch exchange was so crazy. Game of inches.

  4. Crazy how the highlight video shows no highlights.

  5. Rockhold took a dip like Weidman after losing the title kinda funny

  6. listing to woodly speak is painful. he should stick to fighting and pulling race cards.

  7. Solider of steriods at it again. Nice.

  8. Rock hold wants to go at 205so bad but he don't want to fight his best friend dc

  9. social nation air stomach aim hug easily refugee.

  10. short on highlights, real long on the talking. lame.

  11. I had no idea that the UFC was on Fox now, guess they can't say "it's as real as it gets anymore."

  12. How does he do this at 40 ? I don’t know but he sure is my favorite middleweight

  13. PED Yoel vs PED Vitor Five one minute rounds. Do it.

  14. Wups, forgot to tuck his chin again.

  15. rockhold isnt as good as people think

  16. Romero more jacked at 40 than 30 = Roids

  17. Yoels wingchun was great that fight

  18. I never liked Rockhold even back to the Strikeforce days I always felt he was overated.

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