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Luke Rockhold vs Yoel Romero face-off | WEIGH-IN | UFC 221

Rockhold and Romero faced off in Perth on Friday at the weigh-ins despite Yoel missing weight by 3.3lbs. Yoel was given 2 hours to make weight. Will he make it? SUBSCRIBE for more from UFC…

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  1. Who's got the fight tonight? Rockhold or Romero?

  2. God, they're both so insufferable to watch. Why does UFC want so badly to be like pro wrestling?

  3. Why is everyone trying to copy Connor McGregor? Luke your not good at trash talking.

  4. Yoel via 3rd Round Aggravated Homicide 💯

  5. Yoel will KO him in the 3 Round watch

  6. Rockhold wilts like a water-less flower.

  7. Rockhold by submission round 3

  8. This is the fourth time they showed this on this channel

  9. Rockholds pants seem a lil low on his waste..

  10. He's doing gread with English now. This guy will be the next champ

  11. Yoel says he is going to lose 3lbs and then only loses a third of 1lb!??

  12. Fmbhjsbsbvsjcfcjh -Yoel "soldier of tren" Romero

  13. "I loOhve you Michael Bispsing!!"-Yoel Romero

  14. soldier of gods got it by round 2 imo

  15. Anyone know a way to watch the fight for free

  16. Romero got this in 3 rounds

  17. Rockhold got this 👊💪

  18. I actually have high hopes for a night of good fights.

  19. Is the fight today in US time ?

  20. did they stop doing early weigh ins, or was it just for this card?

  21. Tell me why the main event is the last to be posted? you guys are not good at your job man

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