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lighter Side Of MMA, June 2018 (part 2)

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Joe Rogan reacts to Wonderboy wanting kick to knee be Illegal

Joe Rogan reacts to Wonderboy wanting kick to knee be Illegal JRE MMA Show #32 …


  1. 1:25 I just watched that interview and in the words of Michael Bisping: LIAR!

  2. OM gosh Joe!!!! Just brilliant

  3. 0:09 when another interim belt is put on the line

  4. That girl is lucky Nick Diaz didn't hop outta the backseat and put her to sleep then teach Ortega some technique after

  5. Who’s that throwing shots at Dana & his billionaire friends towards the end? 😆

  6. Brian “I luuuuuuuuuuh you” Ortega

  7. Who's the guy talking about billionaire friends?

  8. That shot of Rogan is classic

  9. Mmadigest is my favourite YouTube channel

  10. Wow can't believe Colby did that to Tai Tuivassa!!!! Some balls ……😂

  11. Raging Al is a living legend

  12. Can't find that Greg interview anywhere. Could somebody reupload??

  13. Benavidez followed the Mousasi suggestion regarding hair color…

  14. The dana white part was so fucking true

  15. Brian’s mom is like Puerto Rican mom. She will still whip my ass if I fire off the F word.

  16. Rogan's reaction and Ragin Al/Peter's laugh had me dyin. Lol 😂

  17. That next to last clip explains totally why I can't stay mad at Rogan for long, even when on occasion he says some stupid shit. What a complete truth-bombing badass.

  18. I want Rory and Gegard back in the UFC… 🙁

  19. Joe couldn’t help it lol

  20. Please God, I promise I won't watch mmadigest for two weeks if only Gegard Mousasi gets back to the UFC

  21. Usman vs Till

    Winner fights the winner of Colby vs Tyron

  22. 1:18 he reminds me of roger from the cartoon "doug" idk y

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