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KO of the Week: Ronda Rousey vs Bethe Correia

In honor of the announcement that Ronda Rousey will be inducted into the UFC Hall of Fame this July we take a look back at the soon to be Hall of Famer’s …

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  1. Mad how we all thought this was good boxing back then and now it looks soooo bad.

  2. All you bandwagon dorks pretending like you knew all along and that she was never any good, are sorry AF. You guys just wait for a new wagon to jump on like its a fuckin bus stop.

  3. Jeez the caliber of fighters ronda faced is nothing compared to how they are now.

  4. It's ironic but this fight, not the Holm or Nunes fight was the worst day in her career. Cause it was the day that she fell in love with her hands.

    Imagine Demian Maia one day forgetting the Jits and going kick for kick with Wonderboy.

  5. World class striking and head movement. The best fighter ever.

  6. Where is Mackenzie " Big Rig" Dern ?

  7. Im still waiting for the big comeback of Ronda

  8. Plz Randa is fake champion that's why she went TWO fake Wwe

  9. Show the Amanda Nunez one plz Dana Boi

  10. Lmao that Correia's fall, straight up to the canvas.

  11. The fuck is this shit? She is irrelevant and a horrible competitor!

  12. Should of been the Holly Holm or Amanda Nunez fight instead of this.

  13. yeah nah boooooo rousey is bad vibes

  14. Positive attention for Rousey👍

  15. They should of added the holly knock out instead of this crap.

  16. And she isn’t even fighting…

  17. LMAO I always told people she was shit and just fighting cans, "Nah man she is amazing and could KO any male"

    She is a weak and shit fighter who is only good at Judo

  18. It just shut down the nervous systems

  19. Dana's missing Ronda…

  20. Seriously? They couldn't show what Ronda's actually known for because only knockouts are entertaining? This isn't what she's known for, Ronda's skillset is planting people.

  21. Funny thing about this video is Mike Goldberg saying Ronda's hand speed is incredible. No offense but she has the worst boxing in boxing history. period.

  22. "It was an honor" to watch this video.

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