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KO of the Week: Lyoto Machida vs Mark Munoz

Lyoto Machida kicks off the UFC 224 main card against fellow Brazilian legend Vitor Belfort on Saturday night live on Pay-Per-View. Subscribe to get all the …

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  1. Machida and GSP carry the value of martial arts

  2. I want Machida to become great again

  3. Lyoto, a true warrior. Caralho

  4. Now machida trains under munoz….ironical

  5. I like romero vs machida better.

  6. Brazilian Japanese vs. Japanese Brazilian

  7. Lyoto Machida should have trained with Duane Ludwig. Karate + Bang Muay Thai = Striking monster

  8. It bugs me when they wail on dudes after an obvious ko, so this was cool to see.

  9. Back in the days when fighters had so much respect for eachother

  10. These dudes were like brothers. Both guys are legends.

  11. Fuck Machida was a beast back in the day

  12. Это театр,это реслинг

  13. Достойный боец👍

  14. I miss Munoz, always respectful and kind

  15. The good old days of brazilian mma

  16. Didnt look like it connected properly?? Went down rather easy i say. Wtf

  17. He’s got some Class I liked that Dragon 🐉

  18. Nice stoppage and very good sportsmanship from the Dragon

  19. Ahhh the most respectful and humble fighter in MMA. He was THE greatest puzzle to solve. He was amazing in his prime and i still love watching him fight.

  20. Compare this to Chris weidman beating the shit out of Munoz people can learn from guys like machida

  21. Machida is a classy guy.. will never throw a punch unless needed

  22. Esse Dragão que era meu lutador favorito sofreu a ação do tempo e se tornou um cavalo manco!

  23. Who's ready for the best fight of 2010?

  24. UFC allow sponsorships other than Reebok on Fight Night?

  25. The most powerful scene in MMA…

  26. Great show of class from Machida.

  27. Idiot this is an old fight asshole.

  28. Fun Fact: Mark Muñoz is very fat now 😂

  29. First advertisement I've ever watched entirely. New flick with Batista & Foster looks cool. Goldblum too?

    I wonder how much money he had on himself to lose the fight in the 1st round?

  31. I miss being able to watch UFC

  32. This Machida would beat the shit out of the current middleweight champ.

  33. Machida showed CLASS, not ASS. Kudos on the KO!

  34. Jeremy Stephens would have thrown a flying elbow

  35. What kind of toolbox dislikes this shit??? Seriously i would very much like to know!!!!!

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