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KO of the Week: Junior Dos Santos vs Gabriel Gonzaga

Former heavyweight champion Junior dos Santos continued his climb up the heavyweight ranks with a knockout of Gabriel Gonzaga at Fight Night Broomfield in …

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  1. This JDS is no more… after the Cain fights he has become gun shy. Damn!!!

  2. back when JDS didn't back up to the fence .. Look at his eyes! there's hunger and fire .no fear.. eyes are the window to the soul 🙁

  3. Was Gonzaga the one who head kicked Mirko Cro Cop back then?

  4. Cigano is washed. He looked awful against Stipe in his last fight. I don't expect much from him on Saturday. I'd imagine this guy Ivanov is going to get a helluva gift in his UFC debut. A win over Cigano to begin your UFC career isn't the worse thing.

  5. Prime JDS vs Alexander's Gustaffson would be the Ultimate boxer vs boxer MMA fight.

  6. This knock out is from 8 fucking years ago. UFC is seriously out of its mind, thinking people will appreciate this. UFC is garbage compared to 5 years ago.

  7. JDS could have become a good boxer if he had coach like Freddie Roach or Alex Sanchez

  8. Heavyweight division is full of bums
    Even dc is a bum….

  9. Gonzanga was once the baddest man in the octagon

  10. Gonzaga is my boy…He reminds me of my big bro: burly and all hairy n shit.

  11. I fucking knew it.More than 30% comments are about USADA.Idk why peaple doesn't stop riding USADA'S dick.

  12. He was in his prime here.

  13. His name is Gabriel Gonzaga but JDS thought he was fighting Gabriel USADA

  14. JDS is not the same post USADA, its so obvious.

  15. I think this JDS would cause problems for Jon Jones

  16. JDS' soul is still lost in Cain's fists.

  17. Bruuuh this was like 35 years ago!

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