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KO of the Week: Dooho Choi vs Thiago Tavares

“The Korean Superboy” Dooho Choi earned back-to-back Performance of the Night bonuses when he knocked out Thiago Tavares in the opening round at The Ultimate Fighter 23 Finale in 2016. Choi…

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  1. Korean power? Wow unbelievable

  2. speed ghost white option preference easily am favor.

  3. Suspicion dance study corner reflection Arab cat.

  4. Br ta tudo tomando nocaute agora se bem que esse Tiago Tavares Consegiu ser Zuluzado pelo Khabib que so amarra Tiago ja passou da hora de passar no RH.

  5. 두호초이~! 최두호 화이팅!

  6. 국뽕에 취헌다ㅎ호ㅎㅎㅎㅎ

  7. where was the fucking defense

  8. Choi will tko Stephens in the first Rd. He is so technical, fast with crazy precision and reflex! He would countering Stephens, dropping him and finish him by GnP 😉
    Choi is the futur :') I love so much these type of fighter, technician with great heart, great counterpuncher, Sniper, determination, relax, calm, dangerous hands..
    Holloway Vs Choi could be awesome :')
    P.S : Tavares is still in UFC? He is a talented fighter. Anyone have info about the young 145lbs Clay Collard? I liked watched his fights

  9. K-pop takes another soul

  10. Hey UFC, the KO of the week picture is a picture of a knock DOWN. Please put the Francis/Reem Picture. Thanks.

  11. It is a shame that this crazy talented fighter has to spend 2 years of his prime in the Korean military. This kid can be champion. Love his style.

  12. "He looks like a fucking emoji. But he's tough as hell" – Jeremy Stephens

  13. Where's Doo "steal your" Ho Choi fine ass at?

  14. that was a really nice combo! damn he ko'd in the poop position😂😂

  15. Could they actually use a picture from the actual video they are showing then click baiting with a pick of what is considered the worst champ in UFC history. Connor is no longer click bait. No one gives a fuck about him

  16. They got Kermit the Frog commentating McGregor koing Mendes in the intro lol

  17. Why the intro of Conor the pussy put the intro of anyone except him that mf

  18. Why have Conor knocking out mendes every week.. poor mendes lol

  19. He is a Korean monster in feather weight

  20. they're only doing this cause they just showed him taking the L

  21. You know what Dana told Conor? "We were never friends" , Isn't he fucking awesome ?

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