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KO of the Week: Alistair Overeem vs Junior Dos Santos

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  1. TKO of the week… KO is when the guy goes unconscious.

  2. Wasn't hard to predict this one. I was right still though fuck yall.

  3. That was a horrible stop… he was making his way back up without stumbling these UFC reffs r trash Dana

  4. Lab improvement either come back up influence round wonderful ethical wow light.

  5. That's a thing on your clickbaiting Channel you put old fight and say that it just happen or you put Games fight sucker

  6. Everyone including me thought JDS was going to run through Overeem. The night he KO'ed JDS was the night I became an Alistair fan. He will destroy Ngannou in my opinion but you never know, Ngannou might prove me wrong as well.

  7. That glass jaw of Overrem's will crack🔮

  8. Terrible stoppage.. Sure he got clocked but he ate it like a boss. dos santos can't hang with the top 3 tho..

  9. All jokes aside if the Reem wins the UFC strap he will certainly go down as the most accomplished heavyweight in the game

  10. To early for a stoppage I say they run it back once more

  11. Overeem get that belt for Pride.

  12. Cain broke Junior, after their trilogy, he just can't fight.

  13. Did Alistair cut the steroids? He looks MUCH smaller.

  14. Too early stoped fight.

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