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Kevin Lee goes off on Tony Ferguson | FIGHTING WORDS

Lee does not seem to like his UFC 216 opponent.

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  1. You hate to break to me that "Tony mom gon cry"? Does this fool think before he speaks?

    The Boogeyman will eat you alive.

  2. Making my MMA debut saturday. My dream is to become World Champion. Follow my journey much love

  3. Talking so much he seems nervous

  4. Am I the only person who likes Kevin Lee??

  5. u talk too much son…let's see if u can back it up

  6. u talk too much son…let's see if u can back it up

  7. u talk too much son…let's see if u can back it up

  8. Kevin Lee is getting whooped this Saturday

  9. I understand she was banned for cringyness, but please let Mrs. Cashmeouside fight tony or kevin for championship after.

  10. this guy even fakes his ebonics. he's as white-talking as sam alvey.

  11. Kevin Lee's momma is so poor that she waves a popsicle around and calls it air conditioning

  12. Cant wait to watch this on instagram live

  13. delete delete delete UFC followed by obsolete

  14. cant wait for tony to embarrass this fool…let's see if he can win without a dumb ref stopping his fight before his opponent actually taps…

  15. Tony is going to run through Lee.

  16. feel bad for chiesa getting into that cringy mom trash talk hahaha

  17. P4P worst trash talker in the UFC

  18. I need Lee to KO him lol I can't stand Tony.

  19. Cringing master at it's finest 😂😂😂😂

  20. It's gonna be a double KO!

    Fingers crossed knocking on wood prayin for it lol

  21. Kevin Lee>>>>>>Conor Mcfaggot

  22. I can't stand this dude, I hope Tony knocks this dude out.

  23. Ferg submission end of 3rd round

  24. If you ain't first, You're last.

  25. Kevin on his knees Lee should stick to Black Lives Matter rallies. Tony's cringe > Kevin Lee's virtue signaling race baiting.

  26. I'll be surprised if he makes it past the first

  27. I think you'll need a referee in your backyard because if you don't someone is gonna get killed and nobody wants to end up in prison. Just saying 👌

  28. @ :07 Tony's mamma goin to cry!

  29. Lee's last fight was stopped too early. Tony is going to embarrass this dude.

  30. I kinda wanna see them just knock each other out at the same time. I don,t like ether of em lol.

  31. This mans about to go to sleep 😴

  32. 1:04 the only thing I have ever agreed with that Kevin Lee has said

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