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  1. Respectfully You and I both know I'm a sociopath – Jones

  2. Omg soooooo funny. Laughed out loud the whole thing!

  3. 30 second commercial…ouch mobile

  4. Can you add Darren Till to your repertoire Tommy? 👍

  5. Absomotherfuckinlutely.
    -Cliff Burton.

  6. Fuck you Tommy, Haven't watched your videos for a while. This was funny.

  7. That was the first tths video I’ve laughed hard at in a while. You suck tommy.

  8. It's crazy, Cormier was one of the most hated fighters in the entire UFC prior to the Jones fight. But after seeing him show his devastation after the loss, it seems the hate has turned into love.

  9. It's gonna be more black on black crime.. Respectfully

  10. Respectfully fuck your t-shirt.

  11. ok this shit made me and everyone laugh

  12. I hope this rivalry never dies, just so Tommy can make more videos.

  13. Maybe it's because I'm sitting on the toilet shitting out a flaming shit from the spicy food I had but that wasn't your best work. Respectfully

  14. "This fucking thing isn't a fortune teller" I fucking almost passed out.

  15. The Jon and DC segments the greatest 😄😅😆

  16. these are you're best vids outside of you're Diaz vids!

  17. tommy keeping bone relevant

  18. Now that shit was gold. Welcome back dip shit

  19. "I have purposely kept range during a fight"

  20. Respectfully, DC is a place holder Champ.

  21. I want one of those respectfully shirts. .

  22. Before i even watched it i was saying to myself pls have dc in it as well lol

  23. "Are you a junky loser" that was the funniest citate in a long time Tommy. Bout time i tought you turned in to a transgender

  24. This guy is such a genius and waaaaaaaaay tooo under appreciated

  25. This is absolutely bullshit

  26. These videos literally make my day, I appreciate you Tommy…but I must also say, respectfully, fuck you…and by that I mean fuck you with a horde of hot chicks cuz you're making lots of people laugh and that's awesome. Much love!

  27. Why would you even take a polygraph?
    They're fucking bullshit

  28. New TOMMY video, DATS WATHSUP

  29. Bro @TommyToehold I don't comment alot but your respectfully shirts look kinda plain. And people can't get the joke reference. Just put a part of Jon Jone's face poking out above respectively or some thing. Don't make your shirts plain. Ya got to compete with MMAWORLD's shirts. Just though I'd let you know as a fan and a consumer Love ya man Respectively! No homo

  30. Great episode. Your DC impersonation is at its peak.

  31. Literally, that lie detector should have gone off every time JJ says "respectfully "

  32. H’okay Jon Jones…h’okay!

  33. Respectfully, this is the best episode in like a year.

  34. Vaniel Pormier “I’m a fucking lie detector guy”

  35. "see you tomorrow fight fans" we have the results here of the polygraph test and find that to be a lie

  36. Respectfully Tommy. I think you’re a waste of perfectly polluted air. Respectfully

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