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Joe Rogan slam Raquel Pennington’s Corner for not stopping the fíght, Francis Ngannou, Stipe Miocic

Joe Rogan slam Raquel Pennington’s Corner for not stopping the fíght, Francis Ngannou, Stipe Miocic – Joe Rogan spekaing in his JRE MMA Show with Big …

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  1. Joe “shut the fuck up your not that educated” rogan

  2. Joe hasn't thrown 1 fking punch in a octagon… bald headed goof

  3. why does this video keep freezing up?

  4. Bellator is where it's at guys an gals

  5. Joe is the smartest idiot I've ever seen..

  6. Big john macarthy is cool as fuck!

  7. Raquel seems to be fine with it?

  8. Greatest referee in the history of fighting

  9. Maybe Anderson Silva shoulda quit against chael,or Meisha when she was losing to Holly……Raquel can quit her own fight,why the corner gotta do it

  10. She could have tapped….

  11. John Mccarthy almost 56 and still moving like he’s young.

  12. I completely agree,and now her leg injury is a spotlight. I don't know how her career going forward is going to pan out. She's such a badass and nunes broke that fight down.

  13. Joe the only loser still on the Francis dead hype train LMAOO

  14. Where is the full show!

  15. Raquel's corner didn't even give advice to her. Her coach is a jock – not a thinker.

  16. David Goggins would say the mind is bigger than physical. Once you mentally give up it’s done.

  17. Where has the stream gone ? It’s not on his joes channel anymore

  18. Omg, Overeem has a GLASS chin now, that was a wicked uppercut but Overeem has no chin at all.

  19. More impressive than anything Tyson ever did why does Rogan always have to go over board, Overeem had been put to sleep around 20 times before he fought Francis, Spinks had never seen the floor and was undefeated before he fought Tyson completely different level. Where was Francis super power when he fought Stipa he did land. Stipa has been down a few times Overeem being one of the fighter's to knock him down. So is Overseem the hardest puncher in the world now.

  20. if Ngannou passed out in front of Rogan Joe would probably make love to Francis

    and then lied to Jones it meant nothing

  21. ufc owes alot to Big John.
    a pioneer of mma.
    I think this man has seen it all.
    I love that he's wearing a Bellator shirt!

  22. Mike Tyson has way more impressive Kos than francis, Joe delusional rogan

  23. I completely agree with Big John and Joe Rogan on Raquel Pennington Amanda Nunes fight. I know I'm not in there but the fight should have been stopped.And did she break her leg.

  24. I have one question lads.. is it legal to share someone elses podcast on their youtube channel? i follow a guy in sweden that has a nice pod i would love to share, is there gonna be any copyrights problems if i do like Octagon News does?

  25. I wonder how she feels about slapping Colby now the blow your candles out kid

  26. That fight should of never happened in the first place. Pennington looked full of fear as soon as the fight started. She was done before the fight even started

  27. No her coach was wrong. John Mcarthy said it perfect. It was impossible for her to win. She wasn't gonna come out in round 5 and knock Nunez out. She lost. Sad. So much unnecessary damage. She should file assault charges against her coach.

  28. Don’t know if big John wearing bellator tshirt is a statement or just being casual on a poadcast of a u.f.c hosts show ha not kool, cos there using the name bellator which sounds like a really crap Jurassic Park remake

  29. Tell the ref you are done , not your corner. Corner is there to encourage and push you

  30. I am going beat the ever loving shit out of her coach he will be unrecognizable when I am done and no one can stop it from happening.

  31. Dashon goldson was the guy, he was laying people the fuck out in the nfl so it makes sense that he can hit hard😂

  32. Funny that her nick name is Rocky. Rocky tried to quit, Mick motivated him and he won. I know it’s a movie. I don’t think her coach did anything wrong. That is the very reason we have coaches, when we quit, they motivate us. She went out on her shield.

  33. More impressive than Tyson? WTF r u on about Joe!?

  34. John once was and is best reff ever herb trained under n once competed but to much weed fucks his judgment up only reason never to johns level .. Big john made a mistake or two over his career but all can be easily said to be was not in position to see it or was pure accident herb though had few he just never seen while in good position or was in wrong place by choice john not as much even fighters say big john if can choose he is a legend n earned the title legitimate

  35. I think it was what she needed. Maybe she'll train harder now.

  36. Joe rogan – nagannou knocking out overeem was more impressive than anything mike Tyson ever done.
    Joe rogan said that people 😂just shows the guy knows fuck all!

  37. You kno Jack Hermason also told his corner he was hurt.. Hurt people can win a fight pussys

  38. Rocky said she was ready and that she would win then basically whined and complained because Cyborg was suppose to fight Nunes. So you took someone else's opportunity so you can quit!?! And Nunes over talking about how her division is getting better so she wants to stay there instead of the Cyborg fight, she scared shirtless of Cyborg so she would rather dominate her division which there would be no problem with that but Nunes called her out and now she wanna back track.

  39. Joe calling Ngannou natural is hilarious…

  40. Raquel should have told the ref if she was done, of course her corner is supposed to encourage her to go on. When you're fighting like she was, and you quit…what's the likely hood you ever get a title shot again?

  41. Joe is so obsessed with Ngannou, he'd get married to the guy if given the chance.

  42. I feel like joe likes being dominated by big muscular men lol

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