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Joe Rogan Praises Colby for his performance against RDA, Dana White reacts to Greg Hardy’s win

Colby Covington goes off on Bisping & talks Romero vs. Whittaker controversial decision Joe Rogan praises Colby Covington for his performance against Dos …

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  1. I know Joe is a hype guy, but i think he puts too much faith on fighters based on their distant past, i like Lawler and Magny but Niel was ranked somewhere around 10 when RDA fought him, and Lawler hasnt put on a good showing since he lost the belt. RDA made a lot of mistakes going strait back and setting himself up so he couldnt defend the take down. i think RDA's going to have a rough time against some of these younger bigger fighters. I think RDA vs Wonderboy is next.

  2. So we're coming down on a fighter because someone they're in a relationship with got a prison tattoo and people are saying she should be cut and now we're letting in some black felon Thug who beats up women in the UFC and no one bats an eye this country has gone to s*** in the UFC is full of greed and we really need to get our priorities right in this world

  3. Ugh Greg hardy fighting is just fucking gross how anyone can root for that douche bag to succeed is beyond me

  4. Masvidal and Covington are the two biggest spastic in UFC no wonder they're buddies. On eyed chump 😂 Colby should do us all a favour and top himself from the closest tree.

  5. Rogan got slapped with that dick and can't stop sucking it. Covington is a fucking embarrassment and I can't wait for someone to put him down; it's all fake, he's the Alpha Poser who just talks shit about everyone and it's fucking tiresome.

  6. Brazilians should be B A N N E D from UFC unless they live in North America. Those Brazilians are a bunch of lazy soccer playing nigggers

  7. If you hate Colby then you America. Get out of my country

  8. joe "kiss ass" rogan , today unsubscribe

  9. Colby Covington made the UFC great again. Floyd mayweather will be 51-0 in the octagon vs Mcgregor

  10. I see I wasn’t the only one noticing how hard Joe was sucking ass during the fight…

  11. Joe knows how the GAME works. its all a show . the dimwit fans are easy to spot , there the ones who think the act is real and buy into it emotionally and get angry/triggered. lol poor dumbfucks .

  12. If gord Norman wasn't a criminal Dana wouldn't have gave him a job Dana KKK White only likes black criminals😡🐎🇨🇦🙋👭

  13. Colby is a marketing genius .
    He has literally triggered all the snowflake fans to the point their all running to the nearest safe space. He has grown men buying into his act hook line and sinker and now he is the hottest thing in MMA atm.
    Bravo Colby Bravo, a true entertainer worthy of an Oscar.

  14. Michael hates America he burns flags if he burns the Canadian flag I will hate him but I still like him he only burned a America flag 😃🇨🇦🚼🔫👍

  15. I can see Colby and Joe being best friends

  16. First again🙆🚼🔫👍🚑

  17. am i the only one who was looking forward to seeing colby smack joe rogan

  18. And soon Joe will be saying Colby is a once in a lifetime fighter

  19. Hardy gonna be all up in the ufc performance center

  20. Jorge Masvidal gonna have to revoke Colby's "homie pass" soon

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