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Joe Lauzon Bursts Teammate’s Testicle

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  1. Holy fuck I can't even imagine the pain

  2. Ian McCall should have run it back with Manel Kape. Don’t want him to lose to Kyoji

  3. Bust all kindz of nuts….all kindzzzzzzz

  4. Funniest vid by you in a while, great editing

  5. Only five orgasm ?? I give you six !

  6. Alexa Grasso: Hottest chick in UFC?

  7. Fuck that. That injury would put me out forever

  8. GSP fuck this Alexis mexican baby 🔥

  9. Does Joe get a fight bonus? He busted nuts out there!

  10. lmao that Northcutt ending almost feels wrong he's such a sweet kid

  11. Derick and cowboy damn this fight night needs a embedded

  12. Jeremy Stephens is just awesome! Shut up and fight. UFC is filling up with pussies that decline fights

  13. Lauzon must have some serious suction
    …have not watched the video yet.

  14. What the fook is lobov still doing in the UFC he should be in legacy fighting regional pro's lobov sucks

  15. I giv dah girl 5 orgasims … orgasims are like da stock market .. dey fluctuate

  16. Busting nuts all over the place.

  17. Somewhere Overeem is clearly feeling the pop.

  18. The sage edit was hilarious

  19. "You'll do NUTtin" Joe lauzon

  20. How much does Stephens make?

  21. Yea he'll come back stronger than ever ..he'll come back on TRT

  22. Hope Devin recovers fully and gets another chance to get his first win in the ufc.

  23. Just reading that title gave me chills 😬

  24. Joe Duffy career may be wrapping up. 6 months before he can train even hitting pads or the bag ? That's a year of ring rust

  25. As a man I hope I never know the pain of busting my balls 😆

  26. "who the fuck is that" hahahaha well played

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