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Joanna to Rose: You’re Mentally Unstable, I’ll Break You

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  1. Joanna is a monster. 😂😂
    Seriously though you gotta be a little unstable to fight professionally.

  2. Never seen Joanna that aggressive before. Reminds me of Ronda and Conor before their first loss. She's feeling legit threatened by Rose otherwise she would have been her normal self. Rose on the other hand is totally composed. I'm starting to feel an upset coming if this repeats itself closer to the fight…

  3. What Joanna said was brutal because it's the truth, which makes me respect Rose's honest and introspective answers even more. The champ trying to make her feel like she should be squashed for being mentally unstable is classless; not all promotions will have an authentic clash of personalities, and this is a perfect example. The fight itself is a mismatch, imo.

  4. To be honest, Joanna looks mentally unstable. She's projecting on Rose.

  5. So many new (fake) fans and sexist idiots here. Both women are warriors, one is the best female mma fighter that we are privileged to watch and she hypes up the fight and taunts her opponents the same way any man would and does but gets praised for it while she gets called a "bitch" and a bully. GTFOH.

  6. Rose looks like a Russian boy

  7. Lets hope Rose isn't as broken as I was in the Octagon

  8. JJ needs to be humbled. I hope Rose kicks her teeth in.

  9. Rose Thug gonna Dethrone dat ass

  10. two people are going in a cage to fight and people are bitching about Joanna not being respectful lol. She always trash talks and shes right about rose being mentally unstable

  11. Wow, people like this? This wasn't even trash talk. She acts like she's borderline psychotic, honestly I hope Joanna loses now.

  12. "unoriginal troll comment deluxe to compensate for being a casual and get likes to feed my narcissistic ego."
    -Conor "the g.o.a.t. plugger" Cormier

  13. this is the real main event. fuck bisping vs st piere.

  14. Thumbs up to thug rose, handled that like a true fighter focused on her own road to becoming a real champion.

  15. Joana is going to cut her up 🙁

  16. Man Joanna is grasping at straws here, Rose ain't mentally unstable at all. She just doesn't give a fuck for all the drama.

  17. Joanna's a gangster, don't come in here with that victim mentality boy.

  18. I must blake you. If she dies……she dies.

  19. I'm rooting for rose on this one.

  20. who else is hyped for the winnipeg card than 217? i know i am, amirite?

  21. I love Joanna but she's trying too hard now. Stay cool and fight. Know your place woman.

  22. "Hay! Hay! Hay!"

    LMAO! +mmadigest is the best! I couldn't listen to anything over my laughter.

  23. Rose is the biggest threat so far imo.

  24. By the looks of the thumbnail that looks like j has a couple bodies in her closet and rose could careless

  25. Both are great fighters and will earn each others' respect in the cage.

  26. Rose is in serious trouble. Joanna has her pegged to a tea

  27. That little lituanian chick needs to stop boring us with her mental health. We got it you got abused in the past, this is not something uncommon. You say you want to be an example but if you ask me you still have a long way to go, you date a 38yr old and you are bald headed, and dress like a male. You still have to embrass your feminity again and stop trying to look like a boy.

  28. Rose looked hot with her longer hair. IDK why she opted for the dyke look.

  29. All rose has to do is stay focus

  30. jedrzejczyk is so deus vult

  31. I want to see Joanna get knocked out cold. Don’t think rose can beat her though

  32. Joanna coming off as a bully. I like it tho. I bet she has a mean ass head game.

  33. The moment you sign a paper stating your obligating yourself to fight someone, your basically saying that you believe you have the power to take something from someone. That’s the real disrespect you sensitive cucks don’t get. Joanna knows she’s better than all of them.

  34. I hope Rose smacks JJ, she’s just acting like a fucking cunt! It Won’t happen tho 🙁

  35. Joanna got this in the bag. Rose is already in her feelings.

  36. Rose kept it classy. Kinda surprised at how hateful Joanna was, she does trash talk a bit but that was rather personal. Like both fighters but appreciated how Rose took the high road.

  37. JJ is a savage. Just a G all around.

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