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JJ carries Olympic Torch

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  1. Bogeywomaaan is caaaming tomorrow 🤣🤣

  2. Boogey wooooman is coming to the Olympics

  3. "boogey woman is coming for youaaa"

  4. Perfect use of "pump the brakes" hahahaha. Why is Conor always such a cock to fans?

  5. O it’s the boogeywoman and Cody the lil bitch

  6. Straight to the point with your video titles. No click bait paragraphs like most other MMA channels.

  7. after watching the weigh-ins and the embedded series, i lost a lot of respect for jj she was doing the most for no reason.. That boogie woman bullshit and putting her hand in roses face trying to intimidate rose only led to her downfall. And she had the nerve to try and say she didn't tap, trust me even the canvas felt that tap. I hope she goes back to being humble and a real champion, not a off brand conor, guess she figured the more disrespectful shit she did the more the fight will sell. and all it did was make people wanna see her lose.. She needs to stay out the trash talking business till she learns how to speak properly , and she needs to realize shes a female and talking shit is cringe as fuck, IMA DE BOOGIE WOMAN WOSEEEYY lool fuck outa here with that shit big bird

  8. so conor just pulled the famous jon jones drag race?!

  9. All the people hating on joana will move on to hating Rose when she loses, MMA/UFC fans in particular are a very special form of cancer it seems.

  10. The dog at the end mocking the Muy-Thai fighter hitting the tree was hilarious 😂

  11. Damn, Joanna still didn't recover from that Lithuanian beatdown.

  12. well that's another speeding fine.

  13. Mma digest the leader of mma news and entertainment

  14. Lmao that was hilarious at the end

  15. did van damme just heel kick cody in the face?? 2018 just started but its already done for me

  16. Pankration was a sporting event introduced into the Greek Olympic Games in 648 BC and was an empty-hand submission sport with scarcely any rules. The athletes used boxing and wrestling techniques, but also others, such as kicking and holds, locks and chokes on the ground. The only things not acceptable were biting and gouging out the opponent's eyes.

  17. That dog yelling at the end 😂😂😂

  18. couldn't even knock the cringe outta her….

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