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Jimmy Smith gets a new job

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  1. And Mike Perry used to rob houses so yeah, just sayin

  2. gratz on 150k, 1 of the best mma channel

  3. What fucking cat needs to be put down after a kick but .. they can survive like a fall from a tall ass building shifty

  4. Still dont understand why they got rid of Goldberg, did he make too much money?

  5. What was that di*k sucking support group about

  6. Did you call Tony a nobody? What a fucking hater. We love you Tony. Forget this lame bitch sitting at home making youtube videos. lol

  7. UFC & Bellator swapped color commentators?

  8. Anderson should just come out of the closet at this point. Him and Brendan man, its 2018 nobody cares about that, just be yourselfs.

  9. 0:59 Holy shit those are some serious pieces of shit scum of the earth people. I wish them nothing less than a bullet to the head

  10. Why are people still talking about Anderson Silva? Dude is a washed up irrelevant cheater, fuck that steroid using has-been

  11. What's wrong with my voice? Es normal!

  12. The Russian event has already been put down as a fight night on Wikipedia but I doubt that as there currently isn't a UFC PPV listed for that month and the UFC don't usually announce fight nights this far out. Gotta assume if this is the case they're gonna have Conor fight Tony and have Khabib wait till September, cos if he fight's Tony now and loses or fights someone else on that card and fucks up the event becomes kinda pointless. I hope they sign Vitaly Minakov to fight on this card though, guys a legit top 5 HW in the world when he's in Shape, undefeated with some decent names on his resume, and lets face it the HW division really needs some new blood if Stipe beats Francis, because besides Cain they'll be nobody left

  13. Jimmy Smith is one big reason I watched bellator. Now he's in UFC they can axe Florian Cruz Hardy. I mute the volume whey they speak.

  14. Jimmy will take Joe's job when he's done.

  15. You know PVZ had something to do with the break-in and kicking a cat.

  16. Who are those casual faggots talking to anderson
    This is not a fucking therapy session

  17. Jimmy smith is one of the best commentators in the sport today this is awesome

  18. Cris cyborg sounds like what Anderson looks like what Anderson should sound like. and vice versa

  19. Rogan's contract is up he wants to quit and do fight companion for every fight instead and Jimmy is good he basically picked his replacement.

  20. Shame, Smith and raunello were a great team

  21. Dana White and Joe Rogan vs
    Scott Coker and Jimmy Smith for UFC 2,928,298. MAKE IT HAPPEN.

  22. jimmy smith/joe rogan es normal

  23. LOL UFC buying Bellators scraps

  24. Where's that Silva interview

  25. that’s like saying i’m a joe rogan lol


  27. That John Wick edit was nice because Tony called himself John Wick (yes, he really did. I know. Cringe). Jimmy Smith, welcome, sir!

  28. when joe had him on the podcast it was a teaser, obvious he was getting into the ufc.

  29. What was that video of Anderson Silva at the end?An infomercial for dick pills?

  30. if you kicked my cat and i was mma fighter….you would probably be dead

  31. My god they fuckers sitting with Anderson make u wanna jump off a bridge

  32. Who the fuck is that guy….

  33. Booooo that sjw table talk, that was painful lol

  34. Jimmy Smith had the Joe Rogan look before Joe Rogan had the Joe Rogan look.

  35. I like Jimmy Smith much more after listening to him on JRE…for once, good job UFC.

  36. It's not like Paige was ripped to the bone at 115, so whining about a cut and moving up to 125 just seems like a convenient excuse for her hype train getting derailed by Thug Rose and Michelle Waterson.

  37. so wanna stomp that asshole's jaw and neck for kicking the cat.

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