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I’ve never lost my belt I’m still UFC 155lbs Champ and Khabib should be the interim Champ,UFC Russia

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  1. The epic 'jump over the fence fat guy fail' at 2.20 ha ha

  2. If nate diaz is non factor why eddie keep begging him for a fight lmao

  3. 2:18 Who the fook is that guy ? LMFAO

  4. I completely agree with Tony.

  5. you have to make a compilation with all of your endings!!!

  6. So guida does a Colby Covington and a ray Borg and no one judges him?? Fook that Tarzan wannabe

  7. Introducing….Tony Jedrzejczyk!

  8. Awwwww… Nate pushed me & bust my lip 😂😂😂😂

  9. Fat mug trying to jump the fence 😂

  10. In my opinion…. ferguson and Khabib are BOTH INTERIM champs… Fight each other, then fight Conor, winner of that is the TRUE 155 CHAMPION

  11. I'm curious why Alvarez is still in UFC and why people care about his opinion

  12. Wow Tony is so pissed about the interim title lol . Can't wait for khabib to fuck him up. Tyrone you are correct about being the real chp but how come you were to injured to fight anybody but gsp??? I know you defended your title enough but were all boring ass fights so am n n fight like back then

  13. Ferguson is an idiot. He was a TEMPORARY champion to begin with. Don't wear sunglasses indoors you douchebag.

  14. Typical American geography tards at the UFC. Valentina's only connection to Russia is that she was born in Kyrgyzstan literally 3 years before the end of the Soviet Union. She's also half Peruvian and lives and trains in Colorado and Thailand. But yeah Shevchenko, sounds eastern european doesn't it? :/

  15. Hahahah that fat fuck that tried to jump the barrier to get into the fight.

  16. 2:15 an "i would stand and bang with him all day" type of guy

  17. Tony should shut the fuck lol cuz he ain’t even champ mcgregor is the real champ

  18. This is getting ridiculous now ,Somebody really needs to explain to tony Ferguson what the word INTERIM means …….. Khabib fought for the real belt and is an active champion so now there's no need for an INTERIM belt

  19. nate won against conor in Nate vs Conor 2
    at least to anyone who knows fighting
    where is his shot at conor for this farce of a judgement

  20. Tony acting like its khabib’s fault he got hurt n shit

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