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  1. Cloud from FF7 !!! Hell ya

  2. ………….and then Mousasi turns up

  3. Rafael Dos Nachos hahahahaha

  4. I'd say your animation and impressions sucked if you wouldn't take it as a compliment

  5. im glad i wasnt the only one that caught the ginyu force shout out.

  6. Goku, y u ducking me bro. You duck frieza so bad. You need cheezus

  7. The Ginyu Force….best shout out ever next to Jason Vorhees Jiujitsu

  8. 'when in doubt, Shut the Fuck up'

  9. Vitor = Steroids, no doubt

  10. Nope- they fought at UFC 152 last September and Jones won via Kimura in the fourth round.

  11. the diaz part had me rolling

  12. lol @ final fantasy 7 reference

  13. UFC hot dogs and UFC dishwasher! LMFAO

  14. Haha Nate "- my sponsors the Ginyu Force" DBZ reference.

  15. I loved how he put josh barnett on the iron throne from game of thrones

  16. When in doubt shut the fuck up lol

  17. Dude that was last fall you fucking fake mma fan

  18. Tommy Vs Anderson Silva?

  19. I laughed harder than I should of.

  20. LMAO won with an arm triangle choke from half guard because FUCK YOU brock lesnar

  21. I need to find a cheez-it Jesus shirt now…

  22. when in doubt shut the fuck up,

    you should learn from dana tommy.

  23. Tommy's Mickey Mouse voice > my Mickey Mouse voice.

  24. Last Saturday was disgusting for me. My favorite soccer team lost all championship hopes, the other one lost the Champions League final, Gray, Hunt and Yeti lost…
    Thank God there was no TTTHS that day, otherwise I would FUCKING STAB MYSELF TO DEATH.

  25. Every time I watch a TTHS I feel like that Nazi at the end of Raiders of the Lost Ark. It just keeps getting worse and worse and my face melts off.

  26. Damn vitor joey gladestoned you good

  27. I'm sure yr toehold smells Tommy.

  28. I think Silva vs Belfort proved Vitor is stoppable. In my honest opinion.

  29. Tommy, this year Nick Diaz, Shane Carwin, Matt Serra, and Forrest Griffin have all retired. Why the Hell haven't you?

  30. when in doubt,,,,shut the fuck up!!!!lmao

  31. the ''shut the fuck up'' line kills me everytime…god damn u tommy 😀

  32. THE CHIN PORTAL!!! 😀

  33. A someone tell Dana W. I said whats up.

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