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Georges St-Pierre has vacated his middleweight title | UFC FIGHT NIGHT

The UFC on FOX crew talks about the state of the middleweight division now that GSP is out of the picture. SUBSCRIBE for more from UFC ON FOX: http://foxs.pt/SubscribeUFCONFOX ▻Watch the…

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  1. Good Riddance!!! In this Post USADA Era…GSP would have been annihilated. Nobody wants to admit before USADA most likely majority of all their favorite fighters were juiced to the gills. Once USADA came on board everybody became mere mortals. No real spectacular performances. GSP being past his prime and post USADA…OH YEAH he would have been destroyed by top 5 competition.

  2. Now that all this clown business is done lets get some real title matches going.

  3. Hendricks is GSP's kryptonite

  4. GSP saved the middleweight division.

  5. GSP is a true fighter. A true goat.

  6. Gsp is overrated a’f. Beating bisping is not a big deal. Bitchping barely beat a 47 man. I honestly feel there are lightweights that can beat Bitchping

  7. I think GSP doesn't get off that easy, his contract says he needs to fight Whittaker so do at a catchweight of either 175 or 180 lbs. GSP vs Whittaker could be an amazing fight and Whittaker deserves a chance at beating one of the GOATs whether there's a belt on the line or not.

  8. Meh this is a Conor setup. It's coming after Ferguson. Sooooo in 2022

  9. I really gotta stop reading the comment section

  10. GSP is conor mcgregors worst nightmare

  11. That wasnt his weight class either way other middleweights are much bigger than him. I'd like to see a super fight between him and woodley

  12. Naturally that wasn’t his weight class, if you do see him back it’ll be at 170 imagine Woodley vs GSP or a super bout with McGregor. He’s a legend, made a lot of money really doesn’t need to fight Anymore unless he wants to test against super fights

  13. we all seen this coming!

  14. This was the plan all along.

  15. In my Opinion i think Hendricks was on something against GSP because ever since USADA came in he hasn’t been the same.

  16. GSP really saved the division and all the fighters thanked him for it lol

  17. Conor will be Hated for it. And people will be cool with gsp doing it

  18. 😂😂😂😂😂 GSP just snuck a world title on his resume’

    But FINALLY the real top middleweights get back to fighting for the title Bisping would have lost to either Whittaker or Rockhold anyway

  19. I want to see him whoop crybaby Woodley. That or a big fight against McGoat.

  20. but it was in GSP's contract, he had to defend the middleweight belt! How is he getting out of the contract? Unbelievable!

  21. GSP is the goat never been busted beat all the best guys in his division he can do whatever he wants he has nothing to prove

  22. GSP hand pick fights. Lost respect for this guy, should of stayed out. Can't be remember as the best hand picking n ducking fights, he ducked a rematch against big rig when he got bust up n won by juice from the judges.

  23. Dana has made the belts a joke.

  24. bobby knuckles??? did I miss something?

  25. Kenny is such a whiteboy name LOL… thanks for the lies…

  26. Totally saw this coming.

  27. "Ey, I'm not surprised mother-fuckers."

  28. What no one has done before, really Kenny? Randy, BJ Penn, Conor, it’s been done before.

  29. Megan Olivi should vacate those clothes

  30. Ay I’m not surprised motherfuckers.

  31. Gsp should go down to welterweight to fight Tyron

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