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Fight Night Winnipeg: Ponzinibbio vs Perry – Two Strikers to Battle

Striking phenoms Santiago Ponzinibbio and Mike Perry battle in a thrilling welterweight matchup at Fight Night Winnipeg. Subscribe to get all the latest UFC content: http://bit.ly/2uJRzRR…

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  1. I DONT THINK UFC goes to argentina cause argentina is Vulnerable to Potential Terrorist attack

  2. Saw this live
    Was the only one cheering Santiago in the Crowd
    man he deserved that

  3. PERRYnoccio!!!!!! jajajajajajajaja

  4. Ponzinnibio Vs. Till would be a fucking WAR.

  5. Ja ja ja santiago ponzinibbio is the real warrior,sorry perry next time.

  6. Mike Perry deservrdly won top spot on " When fighters talk shit" with his ghetto Im realy scared pre fight stare down talk.

  7. Crazy good fight.  Got to give both those guys mad props.  Ill tell you one thing though, hey Mike Perry, get your stupid girlfriend out of your corner and replace her with someone who knows what the hell they are talking about.  Most of the fight you hear her screaming and hollering shit.  That takedown Ponzinibbio landed on Perry around 1:40 left in the 3rd was right in front of Perry's corner and his two coaches who actually knows what they are talking about are yelling at him what to do and shes just screaming a bunch of stupid crap and then starts saying whatever his other coaches were saying.  Shes all emotional screaming stupid shit most of the fight when he should be listening to his coaches. That aside, respect to both fighters for sure.

  8. aguante santiago….perry .a comerlaaaaaa1!!!!!!!

  9. Perry the white minidick bitch got whooped! Bitches!

  10. Mike Perry is Conor McGregor without the fighting talent. He can sell the hell out of a fight tho. I'm tuning in

  11. Love both of these guys

  12. Pelea facil para Santiago..

  13. hope perry gives us justice for gunni

  14. Perry gonna ko Ponzinibbio in the first round

  15. Santiago gonna annihilate mike

  16. mike perry likes dick in the butthole hahaha


  18. ponzinibbio tko 3rd round. wait and see

  19. ponzinibio will punch his head off

  20. FUCK ,,, "Eye Poke " Ponzinibbio …!!!!!    Knock this Fool Out Perry …!!!!!

  21. I think Santiago will KO perry. Coz when fighters too much talk shit. They will get banged. I.e. Rose, GSP fight.

  22. Santiago Pokeyouinyoureyeo

  23. I hope that eye-poking deuchebag gets the shit beat out of him.


  25. i would always prefer a loud mouth KO artist over an eye poking scum…santiago is very good fighter but it would be awesome to see him get knocked the fuck out

  26. Mike perry is gonna lose. He's to sloppy. Santiago is more accurate with is strikes and is kicks are strong as well

  27. Ah the fight game, I would’ve preferred to seen Gunnar fight Perry.

  28. This has the makings of fight of the year, if it goes the distance

  29. Santiago Ponzinibbio: an argentinian who lived and trained in brazil and speaks english like a russian lol

  30. Anyone know what the background music track is? It sounds pretty rad!

  31. perry is fucking retard.. lets go ponzi, kick your ass, and fucking his wife

  32. Why does Mike Perry look like keemstar

  33. Perry by knocked out 👊👊👊

  34. With a win, Platinum can break into the Top 10 Rankings but Eye Poke is no joke.

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