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Fight Night Winnipeg: Fight Motion

Take a slow motion trip through some of the highlights from Fight Night Winnipeg. Subscribe to get all the latest UFC content: http://bit.ly/2uJRzRR Experience UFC live with UFC FIGHT PASS,…

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  1. Anyone has the title of the first music ?

  2. All nigger fighters were back to slavery haha

  3. I don't understand why the UFC keeps postponing Nurma's title shot. No disrespect to Barbosa but either Ferguson or big mouth McGregor. The guy is like 21-0 in the UFC, c'mon now stop acting like prejudice pricks. It's an insult to the fans.

  4. This is racist – Tyron Bumdley.

  5. Essa edicao de ufc botou pra f***

  6. The welterweight division without GSP is so much different. If he was still in it, he would have dominated Woodley and everybody else.

  7. I think the UFC should incorporate some kind of light knee pad. Elbow pad. Forearm pad. Ankle pads. Lets make the sport a little less inflicting. To cut down on disfigurement. And serious permanent damage. Caved in faces. I mean look at Nate Diaz's eye brow area now from fighting McGregor. We should want more for that man and others in the future. Make it happen UFC. Money loving scum needs to be cleaned up. If thats the reason change wont happen

  8. Taleb's performance was too viscous to show in Fight Motion.
    Due to his opponent looking like he was facing death as he opted to the grab the cage for body support.

  9. How long till Emmett pops for PED's?

  10. No more Pinocchio…Never was Pinocchio…

  11. Hydrated RDA vs The Russian Hammer make it happen Dana!

  12. Where's ufc 218 Fight motion

  13. What a slug fest like perry and ponzi went at it,I would of liked to see it go 5 rounds I don’t think anyone lost that fight,and rda lawler pure slugfest

  14. If anything why didn’t you show the eye poke that everyone was talking about?

  15. Damnnn. Lawler was just gettin pieces up against the cage by the shorter man. Like he was tryna do the robot.

  16. Bom And erson legs escapes finalizações. .

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