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Fight Night Norfolk: Sage Northcutt – Super Ready to Entertain

The always upbeat “Super” Sage Northcutt discusses his upcoming bout with Michael Quinones at Fight Night Norfolk going down Saturday live on FS1.

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  1. He needs to leave TAM if he wasn’t to be a champ

  2. sage is 2-2 in his last 4 fights. he's coming for artems lobov's win/lose ratio lol

  3. he throws flashy sht buy he needs to land more

  4. Sage is a human golden retriever

  5. How can I guy so nice beat so much ass lollll doesn't make sense ya kno

  6. A little sage northcutt marketing…I can dig it

  7. Sage is a human Labrador

  8. kick it free style yo

    yo yo yo you a bitch
    and you gotta little dick
    i gotta huge weiner
    and my bodies way leaner.
    call me a beaner
    cause im from mexico
    im with ya girl and she gettin low
    to da flo', askin for the dick
    cause she want mo'.
    send yo' ass to the sto'
    to pick up some groceries.
    while im blastin on that ovary.
    aight im out the money callin' me
    and you niggas is just stallin me.

  9. Seriously, how do people not like this man? He seems like such a nice, respectable cool guy!

  10. That kid can fight, has the physique of a bodybuilder, jumps around like gravity doesn't exist. Once in a lifetime athlete.

  11. good luck Sage, hard working young man wish him the best.

  12. What the fuck is wrong with his eyes ?? Seriously he got that wide open eyes loco look, scares the shit out of me

  13. Sage, Paulo Costa, Woodley Ngannu…..SHAAREDDDDED…fuck USADA lol

  14. Sage is the type of dude to stop his car on red lights while playing GTA

  15. dude gets so much unnecessary flack from mma fans. hes 3-2 in the UFC, made his debut at 19 years old.

  16. Does anyone think Sage Northcutt's nice guy persona is authentic? I'm on the fence about it. All the "super nice guys" I've met in real life have skeletons in their closets, and they try hard to sell the nice guy act as a means to throw people off.

  17. Rumor has it. He got stabbed 45 times at the age of 1 and 🙂 right after

  18. Sage joined Alpha Male to get close to Paige. His plan is to start a super master race of fighter offspring.

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