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Fight Night Boise: Junior Dos Santos – If I Connect Full Power, You’re Done

Former heavyweight champion Junior Dos Santos knows that he has the power to end any fight in one punch, but that doesn’t mean he is overlooking Blagoy …

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  1. Would love to see JDS win this in his classic fashion and then fight Ngannou

  2. Dont know whos gonna win i just hope theirs a knockout and is better than ngannou vs derrick

  3. Yea he's back this man always comes to fight can't wait welcome bk jds

  4. Love JDS but Ivanov is an absolute monster from Bulgaria!!!
    Ivanov's natural skills with AKA trainning will be phenomenal!

  5. Can they brake the record for strikes landed set by Ngannou and Lewis??

  6. In my opinion, if JDS had coach like Freddie Roach or Floyd Mayweather Sr. then he could have become a good boxer

  7. Blagoi is about to educate the casuals

  8. Dos Santos hasn't been full power since USADA

  9. I would like for JDS to win, but I think he will not.


  11. USADA owes this man a pass. Let him eat some of Canelos cows.

  12. 絶対に勝ってくれ…ドス・サントス。

  13. Who the random guy his fighting

  14. He should show how good the heavyweight was

  15. Like zero promotion for jds that's some BS UFC

  16. Title should be: "If I connect full power AND I'M JUICED, you're done" 😂😂

  17. So Blagoy Ivanov is that guy who beated Fedor Emelianenko in Sambo competitions many times
    i gotta to go with him.

  18. I love the fact that almost everyone is thinking its gonna be a walk in the park for JDS but let me remind you all he is training with no other but the great Cain and DC. Also Ivanov is the first guy to beat Fedor in his prime in the Olympics. Blagoy is a true champion and mark my words he is going to fight for the HW title soon. When people get to know him better they'll realise whats he's made of.
    In 2012 he almost died when stabbed near the heart and was in coma for 2 months but then came back and became the champion again.

  19. Бага махни му главата.

  20. My picks for my three favorite main card fights in this event

    JDS def Ivanov via 2nd KO/TKO

    Northcutt def Zach Ottow via Unanimous Decision or 2nd round tko.

    Mendes def Jury via 1 round tko or decision

  21. Yo, if I punch wirh my fist. You're knocked out man. Yeah, I'm smart talker. You think you can handle this fist to your face? Ha. You will be knocked out when I swing my fist into your face. Modern day Arnold Schwarzenegger.

  22. JDS was my favorite heavyweight back in the day. He's a good dude, I hope he wins this.

  23. the dude KOd mark hunt.. Geez

  24. I'm his huge fan, but his sleeping right now!! While Dorea is his head coach he never will win with game plan or something, only if he connects punch!! Junior r u kidding?!

  25. Someone plz tell who are the best players of UFC??…i m new 😐😧😧

  26. JDS needs a good win…I'm pulling for him.

  27. Kenny florian said first round KO for JDS, so y'all better beat your house and every dollar you have against him

  28. He is punch drunk as hell he is like a fighting zombie

  29. I hope he gets the win, and I hope he able to be more active. Since his second fight with Cain he has not fought more than once a year and has had mixed results.

  30. Cos of his accent i thought JDS was fighting "black guy"

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