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Fight Night Belem: Lyoto Machida Octagon Interview

After earning a split decision victory, Lyoto Machida discussed the fight and called out Michael Bisping as a potential opponent in the Octagon. Subscribe to get all the latest UFC content:…

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  1. Lyoto hes a good fighter but hes getting old

  2. Fucking Brazilian filthy animals 🖕🖕🖕🖕🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷

  3. Machida its Stronger to 205 division not in middle weight division….you need to back to 205 Machida

  4. Should DUANE LUDWIG be allowed to have this job as a UFC interview correspondent? Because he is an active Head Coach with several fighters on the roster, including UFC Bantamweight World Champion, TJ DILLASHAW, I see a potential conflict of interest. Even if one of his fighters is not on the card, he could still exert a favorable or non-favorable bias against any fighter in the same weight class as one of the athletes he is coaching. You can tell that Ludwig is still new at being hosting interviews, though…

  5. Eric anyders did nothing to win this fight he could’ve easily gotten the finish yet was not nearly as aggressive as he should’ve been still good job lyoto

  6. Bisping must have some ability to make guys that sound like romero come for him

  7. Someone should kick out whoever was screaming every time Machida was getting hit, smh.

  8. 49-46 ?!?! Wtf fight was he watching

  9. It was a good decision in my mind BUT Lyoto does need to retire.

  10. seria legal ele desafiar pra uma super luta o Stephan Thompson, Karatê vs Karatê, podia falar pra ele ali "Thompson, vc faz camp pra tudo me enfrentar, então pq não vem vc aqui msm fazer isso??" kkkkkk seria demais

  11. Every time the fights happen in Brazil the decisions mostly go in favor of the Brazilians, Means lost and so did Anders.
    WTF, are the judges scared they will get lynched if they don't give the local the Win?

  12. Honestly, this could've gone either way, but fighting in Brazil, in Machida's home town, the only way he was losing a decision was if Anders had been super dominating, which he wasn't.

  13. Ufc 3 came out and im not in the cover…!? This is number 1 bullshit – Artem ' Pretty boy' Lebov.

  14. Lyoto is one of the nicest people in MMA and anybody who insults him deserves 5 minutes with Robbie Lawler in a cage!!!

  15. Run Machida Run, what a lot of shite

  16. Lyoto "see you soon boi" Machida

  17. That cut in his forehead says it all, those judges should see how deep it was.

  18. Bisping, Belfort, Evans, Machida… lets have a 4 man tournament between… losers of semi finals retire immediately, winners fight a final " you retire first" fight, the loser retired and then the winner of that gets to fight one more time against Anderson Silva lol

  19. Eryk Anders looked hesitant, He did not let his hands go!

  20. Interesting lyoto being interviewed by his caucasian doppelgänger

  21. Lyoto Machida was once the UFC light heavyweight champion of the world! He's an absolute legend of the sport! Nice to see him win again 👏👊💯

  22. So much respect for both of these guys. That bow is what this sport is all about

  23. Lyoto looked better than expected.

  24. Lyoto lose in my point of view..

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