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Fedor Emelianenko vs Frank Mir happening in Bellator in April

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  1. Frank Mir can't beat Daniel Cormier. Who truly wants to see Frank Mir fight?

  2. Bellator has the vibe of a low budget pro-wrestling event, except more boring.

  3. Coach you’re talking to Ngannou I’m over here… no no that’s the ref, no now you’re talking to Joe Rogan.

  4. "Rivera actually consumed the same horse meat that was found in Overeems fridge" -Mr. Digest

  5. That speech from Stipe’s corner man was like something straight out of a movie haha

  6. Idk who teddy atlas was talking to but damn good speech

  7. "We are firemen" – CM Punk's corner after the first round with Mickey Gall.

  8. Is Dan Severn fighting too?

  9. First time hearing that speech from Teddy. That guys such a movie character 😂

  10. How is Juicehead Frank Mir fighting so soon after a USADA suspension?

  11. Great vid.

    Staph infection is something amateurs get. I can't believe Whittaker is a loser. Sad.

  12. Fuck that bellator tourney, I gotta wait till fucking end of April to see that fight. GOD DAMN IT!!!!

  13. Disability is inability, id kick the shit out of that red shirt.

  14. “Contaminated meat in Mexico” 😂

  15. All bellator has to offer is washed up mma veterans 💩

  16. ESPN women calls Alhassan's Uppercut a Hook… 😑 C'Monnn Man!! Lol

  17. I have a love/hate thing for Chael

  18. 1on1 , 2on1 , 5on1 … I'll make sure you all call 9-11 Isn't he fucking awesome 👌🎬🎥

  19. Lol since when did they​ start battling before the fight

  20. Sterling talking shit like he didnt get ktfo a couple weeks ago lol

  21. Fourth of July weekend
    Stipe vs Cain
    Cyborg vs Nunes
    Mighty Mouse vs Dillashaw
    Let's gooooo!

  22. @2:40 that guy likely has thr ultimate defense for kneebars, leg locks, heel hooks, left arm.kimuras, and left arm arm bars.

  23. Lmao the very first second is fucking GOLD. AYE YOU SWALLOW OR SPIT, GIRL?

  24. Gay channel and wannabe commentary.

  25. So the second fight of the tournament is in April? Too spread out imo.

  26. Knocking him out with that right hook lol

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