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Eddie Alvarez on Pettis; RDA beats Conor McGregor on ground, not standing; Free Nick, Fuck Nate Diaz


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  1. Eddie seems like a cool dude i dont know why so many people hates him!

  2. fuking love eddie man every since hes been showin his personality. such a real and honest guy

  3. My opinion is Alvarez will never have gold in the UFC . He will retire that way. Just saying

  4. – Alvarez would destroy Crazy Horse.
    – Nobody is surprised at Yoel.
    – Nate is a goof ball..I like the Diaz brothers, but they feel like they just have to "beef" and talk dumb shit just to do it, even when its against a "friend" and someone who doesn't get into the trash talk business like Alvarez.
    – He's right about RDJ & McGregor.

  5. That's a good guy. You can tell one of his parents are Irish as he say's Fight as 'foyt' and Night as 'noyt'. Yep he picked up his moms Irish accent for sure. She raised a respectful young man.

  6. Eddie Alvarez will be in the video titled. "bums that said RDA will win"
    and Eddie doesn't represent ricans like he should. That's why he has no fans. that makes me Italians?? lol. No respect for you son.

  7. Borats from Kerplakistan!

  8. That was such a shit joke.

  9. Dude, you have two full blown mustaches for eyebrows. : D

  10. Absolutely love this guy! I've been following him since the beginning. I'll admit I wanted Gil to win, but in the end, I'm glad he won and is where he's heading. I once had an argument with a "UFC" fan that Eddie would be a champion there and he will…like everywhere else he fought. UFC fan didn't know Eddie existed, but now is on his nuts since he joined the UFC rooster. I'm an MMA fan and Eddie is one of the best ever!!!

  11. he needs to trim them eyebrows just a lil bit lol.

  12. McGregor is the underdog?? red panties!!!

  13. Love this guys attitude and sense of humor. I'm going for Eddie!!

  14. This guy is a fucking douche bag

  15. nice guy but pettis smashes

  16. YOU HEARD IT FROM THE BADASS HIMSELF! if conor gets taken down he'll be beaten. if he stays on the feet he'll be winning that mf title

  17. Hate to be the bearer of bad news but if your not cool with Nate then your not cool with Nick. Go up to Nick and say something about Nate and tell me how that works out for you.

  18. I'm joining periscope coz Eddie only cunt that answered my shit question 😂

  19. That's sick entrance music. I remember when Chuck came out to that back in the day. Dmx Intro. I'm an Alvarez fan from this interview.

  20. Giving old school Charles Bennett some love!

  21. got foo love the guy, family man doing it for them , big fan off his style

  22. Cool dude. But fuck Real Madrid that's why they got whooped 4-0 by barca.

  23. So many fighters who are part Irish, Weidman, Holm, Felder,Penn,Alvarez,Griffin, I may be missing a a few?

  24. Eddie seems like a really cool dude.

  25. damn this guys likable

  26. Reminds me of a Spanish DC.

  27. I don't hear that fucking ring since 1998

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