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Demian Maia talks to UFC Tonight | INTERVIEW | UFC Tonight

Maia talked to Tyron Woodly and Kenny Florian ahead of his fight against Kamaru Usman in Chile on Saturday. SUBSCRIBE for more from UFC ON FOX: …

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  1. What are your thoughts here?

  2. Maia, trying to choke a man on his way to the top

  3. Damian is done in my opinion. Usman will beat him then challenge Colby Filthy Convington.

  4. Demain is such a class act hope submits usman.

  5. His English is getting better now oh wow

  6. honestly it would be really fkin cool if Maia somehow figures out how to beat wrestlers and he goes out there and dominated Usman

  7. The difference between Usman and Maia is that Maia actually aims to finish every fight. Yes, they both can be boring at times, but everything Maia does in the octagon is so that he can be 1-step closer to finishing. That is his end goal. Usman's end goal is to "win" the fight in anyway he can, mostly meaning he will just control (hug) for 3 rounds and scrape the decision. Usman doesn't look for the finish, he only has 1 ko in 9 ufc fights and you can tell he doesn't come in there to fight , he comes in there to win an mma competition.

  8. jiu jit su is boring …. typical of brazilian fighters… boring stuff man

  9. I hope one day he avenge his loss against Anderson Silva.

  10. The GOAT Till would KO Woodley and Maia in the same night

  11. I think usman will beat maia and fight the loser of colby and rda

  12. How can a man be so respectful? Damian Maia is the best

  13. Damian Go be boring an loose to every champ in a boring fashion BORING!!!

  14. Wow, Maia speaks better English than Mackenzie Dern

  15. Best Jiu Jitsu in the entire roster!

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