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Demetrious Johnson previews his fight against Ray Borg at UFC 216 | UFC TONIGHT

Demetrious ‘Mighty Mouse’ Johnson joins UFC Tonight to talk UFC 216, potential match ups with Cody Garbrandt or TJ Dillashaw. SUBSCRIBE for more from …

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  1. Rumor is Raymond Borg is still 13lbs over. Fight might be in trouble.

  2. The most boring champion vs the most boring challenger👎I wish it was the main event so I could leave after the lightweight fight

  3. Love dj. Awesome dude. Probably better fighter.

  4. If we're going with just mighty, it's gotta be "Mighty" Demetrious Johnson. Otherwise, he's forever gonna be… Mighty Johnson…

  5. Dc is better p4p fighter than dj

  6. Tony, DJ and Werdum will get the W

  7. DJ gave Cejudo's liver a seizure LOL

  8. The UFC has the worst fan base out of all other sports. The casuals are calling Demetrious a "stat padder" or saying he's scared of a real challenge when the man has literally beaten just about everybody in his division. He wanted to break Anderson Silva's record with someone that will guarantee make the weight. What if he took the TJ fight only for TJ to miss weight & beat Demetrious? What if TJ missed weight & Demetrious still beat him? It wouldn't count as a title defense due to TJ missing weight. Demetrious is the Jon Jones of the 125 pound weight class. He's submitted Brazilian jiu jitsu black belts, beat an Olympic gold medalists at his own game, out struck the most feared striker in his weight class. What more do you want from this man?

  9. Don't care about someone who doesn't care about the fans wishes….

  10. This last third of the year is going to be great for ufc.

  11. Anyone else bored with dj's constant whining &/or ducking top competition?

  12. That's it?
    That's it?
    There's about 5 grand in here
    "HEY thats my paycheck man" Demetrious "No Balls" Johnson

  13. "Demetrious liver seizure Johnson "

  14. I almost forgot 'bout Mighty's record  .

  15. This is gonna be an exciting fight. Can't wait to see DJ vs garbrandt soon. That fight is definitely gonna happen

  16. Mighty mouse is going to transform into a Goat after he wins

  17. Nobody cares.
    The hype is around Ferguson vs Lee.
    Let's go CUCUY!!!!

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