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DC on Volkan bout

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  1. Volkan #and new!
    Stipe# and STILL

  2. Double cheeseburger was almost ko"d by rumble in both fights and now he's acting like it was a walk in the park

  3. wtf happened in the second half of this video ? that was shit….

  4. Just another broke bum the GOAT DC will dominate and destroy. To be honest, I don't see anyone beating DC expect for roided Jon Jones or undefeated legend Father time.

  5. Who's the dumb African fuck at the end

  6. Good God I hate those accents

  7. damm that mole DC got is getting bigger.. that shit is wild

  8. 2:35 : Move over French. There's a new language of love. Ddfxssff Burogo.

  9. lol the wolf of wall street scene.

  10. haha Mma digest is a motherfucker!

  11. Cormier is a real fucking g fuck all you dc haters man

  12. He said wot?!? -that last guy

  13. DC should go back to HW and destroy nganno

  14. Yeah I think DC gonna outclass him

  15. If we've got two, five-heads?Does that make it a ten?

  16. The speech at the end of this video was pure gold. Can't stop laughing.

    In the mina mina minatadra in the minanananaaaaa. Lmao!

  17. Can’t wait for UFC 220.
    After Stipe sends Ngannou to the “I felt a tap” dimension I will have a lot of fun trashing everybody that was commenting how Ngannou was gonna KO Stipe.

  18. My heart dropped for a sec when I saw the vid and thumbnail I thought the fight was off 😅

  19. Jon Jones told me that he wants dick pills from China. How awesome is he.
    – Dana White

  20. Should have been gus fighting cormier. But ufc is all about the hype…

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