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Darren Elkins Submits Michael Johnson | HIGHLIGHT | UFC FIGHT NIGHT

Elkins upsets Michael Johnson with a second round submission, extends his win streak to six. SUBSCRIBE for more from UFC ON FOX: http://foxs.pt/SubscribeUFCONFOX ▻Watch the latest content…

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  1. The difference is one has heart the other doesn't..

  2. Its the mauling he got from khabib. Hes never been the same tbh

  3. If Michael Johnson trained with tj and Ludwig or alpha male he’d be more well rounded

  4. Feels like Johnson is on a 60 fight losing streak

  5. Michael Johnson needs to join Khabib’s Nurmagomedov’s camp learn a different martial art such as Sambo and different hand to hand combat techniques. Plus his ground and pound will improve significantly. Great fighter though no denying that!

  6. Tapped out in your hometown…Imagine if they woulda made that fight on the main card like he had originally wanted UFC to do. Double the embarassment. And he claimed he was gonna be the next champ of Featherweight?

    Back to the drawing board Mikey. Less bragadocio and more training.

  7. Elkins deserves a top 10 or maybe even a top 5 guy. Maybe him vs Cub or the Korean Zombie

  8. elkins eats those punches for snacks, iz nuthin

  9. Elkins is an absolute stud heart of a lion he has well and truly earned himself a fan with this win and his win at 209

  10. Michael Johnson should quit. At this rate, he'l have more losses than wins if he continues. His record is already a disgrace. I mean is there anyone who cannot beat this guy??

  11. Michael johnson allways getting beat up.

  12. No way he moved down to featherweight and got submitted HAHA

  13. Darren man always pulling it off

  14. MJ is strange. hes good but is just getting beat alot, had ghaethje in trouble, competitive but unanimous 29-28 to nate, smashed poirtier in 1, wins over ferguson and barboza! i thought he was going to be potential challenger at 45

  15. Issaaa wrap for Michael Johnson he’s going to belator either that he needs to go up a weight he always fights top competitors but loses every time he’s in like 5 fight losing streak

  16. Feel bad for Michael he's most likely getting released after this

  17. micheal"ground game is my field" jhonson

  18. MJ is always starting strong and always ends up hurting people in his fight. Till…

  19. Micheal stock is dropping

  20. Ugh this was so disheartening
    I was rooting for Johnson
    He seriously needs to change something up
    Coming down to 145 was great
    But either something is still missing or derren Elkins is just on a great run right now

  21. Johnson said that he should have been the main event lol

  22. Johnson needs grappling and wrestling

  23. BREAKING NEWS, Micheal Johnson signs with bellator!!

  24. Look im not gunna sit here and be a keyboard warrior, but i do beleive johnson needs some help with his BJJ

  25. Michael Johnson was more focused on his position on the card than the actual fight lol

  26. Lost to Nate Dizzle lost to Khalabib lost to GayChee and lost to The Damage this dude been doin a lot of losing lately yes i know those guys are good fighters. Michael Bellator Johnson

  27. Can you take The Damage? Haha johnson said he was going to drop to 145 get the belt theb go back to 155 and get that belt haha

  28. i won't know who to root for if he fights ortega

  29. Johnson needs to work on his ground game!

  30. Johnson isnt the same since the khabib fight.

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