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Dana White’s post-fight recap from Fight Night in Fresno | Interview | UFC FIGHT NIGHT

Dana White caught up with Laura to recap a great night of fights in Fresno. SUBSCRIBE for more from UFC ON FOX: http://foxs.pt/SubscribeUFCONFOX ▻Watch the latest content UFC on FOX content:…

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  1. He always starts with, awesome !

  2. why are there no champions on the banner of UFC on Fox's youtube channel page?

  3. I bet Dana got to hit this blonde that night

  4. Conor would tap on Ortega in less then 10 sec….

  5. "Wow." – Dana White any time anything happens

  6. slow independent look racism elderly perfect when big bean.

  7. Fresno holding it down for the UFC. Benito Lopez and Brian Ortega are both absolute animals. I hope Cub Swanson stays with the UFC, it would be a shame if he went to Bellator. Pay the man, he has put his time in with the UFC and still hasnt got a title shot, and now he probably never will. Brian Ortega vs Max Holloway is only two fights away. Please follow me on Instagram @coryb614. Please and thank you.

  8. 2:36 Dana White: "Cub had the right game plan, stand in the outside, pick him apart with punches and kicks, which she was doing.."

    Did he really say "she" about Cub?

  9. dana white completly ignored benitez, he prbbly didnt like to get call out by his fighters

  10. Jesus cameraman, zoom out of Dana's mug and shoot more of the bomb blonde

  11. I'd love to see Yair vs Cub. Ortega is a straight up killer, smart choice is for him to wait and fight the winnder of Holloway vs Edgar, but i'd love to see him vs Aldo or Lamas, Lamas has never been submitted and Aldo hasn't been submitted in the UFC or the WEC

  12. Chance knockout! Sterling was going for a single leg and Moraes was going for a liver kick.

  13. Patriots commercial on dana white video… Lol I actually sat through a commercial for once

  14. Glad to see killer cub retire with the UFC 👌

  15. I Think dana makes her nervous 😂

  16. Dana is a lying, cheating, gambling addicted, bald eagle.

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