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Dana White threw me under the bus he was looking for a scapegoat,Bisping on CM Punk,Covington

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  1. Again Tyron with the race baiting. You know youre an asshole when people cheer for covington against you

  2. Stop with the brock lesnar is a different animal. He's terrible

  3. Leave it to woodly to bring up racial lol

  4. Jackson just trying to kiss ass to Dana in hopes for another fight someday. Not gonna happen mate.

  5. Well someone’s lying and my moneys on Colby 😂

  6. That would blow to win a fight then get cut. Sorry for mike.

  7. STOP WASTING OUR TIME by giving this fucking loser Bitchsping precious seconds everybody needs.

  8. I hated Colby. I definitely drank the Kool aid. Im all in, dude can fight. #NERDBASH2018

  9. Batista took a fight at a smaller show.
    No reason why Cm punk can’t do local show.
    Sure he wouldn’t make money.
    But he wouldn’t embarrass himself in front of everyone.
    Punk knew he lose and just wanted money.
    Making a million for 2 Fights in Ufc working 2 days in 3 years is easier than pro wrestling where u are on the road 259 days a year.
    Better to get beat bad one day than beaten up alottle for 259 days a year

  10. Tyrone Woodley is the welterweight champion of the world and yet he still acts like a 14 year old girl on Tumblr; constantly whining and pretending that he's a victim. Nobody wants to hear a grown ass man complaining like this.

  11. Another faggot white boy. Another bum ass Connor mc nuggets wannabe.

  12. I have more respect for the shitties ufc fighter in history which is cm punkass than i do for dikhead dana

  13. remember when bisping literally couldnt fight without talking crap and making it personal?? well tyron woodley cant fight unless he thinks its racial

  14. Mike Jackson looks like the yellow bastard from sin city

  15. I'm no detective but either Tyron or Colby is lying about who won in practice

  16. so jones (who's a light heavyweight) gets caught with steroids and people wnat him to fight brock lesnar who has been on steroids his whole life and has also been caught? and supposedly usada does its job? wtf…

  17. Everyone gives colby shit for being racist. Shit was thrown at him, and the Brazilians were acting like animals, so he called them what they were acting like. Not a race thing. Act like an animal, get called one. People always look for shit to get offended by, this is the most brutal sport in the world, learn the facts snow flakes

  18. I’ve always rooted against Woodley but I hope he murks Covington. I can’t stand that guy

  19. Casuals > hardcore MMa fans
    On this one.
    Colby Haters are shills

  20. I'm a wrestling fan and even I don't wanna see CM Punk fight again, he's fucking trash….

  21. Wow did Woodley just just call colby socially insensitive? What an embarrassment he is. Tissues for Woodley in the safe space

  22. Colby McCovington is a bitch…calling GSP out? Georges would bury that fucktard, seriously Colby is a twat, most true top 10 WW of the last decade would destroy Colby…his mouth would be left flapping in the octagon…he's a disgrace, fuck his cardio, such a bitch ass, head down, ass up, faggot…

  23. Never wanted to see Tyron defend his belt as much as I do now

  24. Man this is a tuff fight to stand behind either one of them i was a fan of Woodley until he started crying wolf about the ufc be racist and up until now i really never liked Colby i really would like to see him give the real belt to Trump but Woodley is a fuckin monster just wish he wasn't a fucking cry baby hard fight to pick

  25. Give Tyron a pay day Dana, he's fought no.1 contender after contender while Conor gets handed money fights

  26. All the people suddenly supporting colby is crazy. These are the same people thatll call others casuals. Fucking two faced glory hunters

  27. Tyron gonna play with this dork

  28. Tyron vs Colby is getting political, and I love it. Thugs, tranny’s, and gays vs trump supporters

  29. How can both these idiots lose?

  30. Colby is a shit hot fighter but fuck me the guy is a annoying piece of shit and chats bare poo it's so forced and fake everything he says is just pure cringe. I can't wait for the day he gets his chin taken off and get humbled won't be long every dog has their day

  31. Tyquill said he would bring in all these character witnesses…. all his buddies

  32. Mike Jackson and Lostboy Artem for the worst record in MMA ? Why not ? I support that match

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