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Dana White talks with Karyn Bryant after UFC St. Louis | INTERVIEW | UFC FIGHT NIGHT

Dana White talks with Karyn Bryant after UFC St. Louis SUBSCRIBE for more from UFC ON FOX: http://foxs.pt/SubscribeUFCONFOX ▻Watch the latest content UFC on FOX content: http://foxs.pt/TheLates…

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  1. Dana has cancer smh rip to all if us

  2. Karyn’s voice is annoying.

  3. Vitor And Bisping both deserve a worthy adversary for the last fight of their career-whom ever that may be,(not just any old stand in)

  4. Good interview till you brought up the patriots Dana.

  5. Dana is a guy who looks worse and worse the higher the video resolution is. 144p takes about 20 years off of him.

  6. Is it me or did dana white just get old??? He looks weird here.

  7. Dana lost some weight I think. He is looking more like Jimmy Smith now.

  8. I see chocolate I see strawberry I click

  9. Dana is probably cycling off the gear. That, and he's sunburnt. Maybe.

  10. Until you get that man a top contender you only deserve 10% foh

  11. Yall do realize Conor has 50+ million dollars in the bank right? Yall realize that he also just had his first child right? Yall realize he already completely wiped out the FW division and topped it off with knocking the FW king out in 13 seconds right? Yall realize Conor has fought in 3 different weight classes in the UFC right? Yall realize hes the greatest performer and promoter MMA has ever seen right? Yall realize that he has the power now right?

  12. Why not make all your videos available for us Europeans

  13. UFC is in a financial bubble.. Why?…Because UFC is charging way too much money for PPV. Not enough money fights…..not paying enough to fighters(get a belt and be pretty or have charisma ONE endorsement payday set for life)so, why keep fighting for 25k? 50k, or 100k? Pay your fighters more Dana!!!

  14. Jimmie Smith lookin under the weather

  15. Cant wait for cormier and Jones

  16. Karyn Bryant the queen of talking over everybody!

  17. Rubbing your hand across Dana’s face is the most dangerous thing you could do right now

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