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Dana White talks to the UFC Tonight crew | INTERVIEW | UFC Tonight

The UFC president talked with Kenny Florian and Michael Bisping about changes to the UFC 222 card, Mario Yamasaki, and more. SUBSCRIBE for more from UFC ON FOX: http://foxs.pt/SubscribeUFCONFOX…

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  1. What do you think about the UFC 222 fight card?

  2. woodley is tha weakest champ when it comes to leverage

  3. "Mario Yamasaki was never MY ref" – DFW

  4. he just doesn't want to pay fighters… he want to make good matches out of mediocre fighters… he should just pay the fighters for the matches that the fans wanna see and deserve..

  5. wack card… Dana sucks Conor McGregor balls.. can never answer a question..

  6. Floyd Mayweather would get killed in the Octagon. That fight would make no sense.

  7. Mayweather vs Mcgrwgor 2 but this time let Mcgregor fight with his ufc gloves 😉 gayweather wont hang

  8. Tyron "if I don't get whatever I want ur racist" Woodley

  9. NOT A PPV. NO WAY. They are trying hard to sell it. Sorry not getting my $60.00.

  10. 7:04 RIP, Dana gonna get Mario Yamasaki buried 😆😆

  11. dana is one to talk about reciprocate… Floyd blessed the ufc by choosing Conor as his 50th sacrifice. Not a fan of floyd, but the guy doesn't owe the ufc or mcgregor a rematch in an mma fight.

  12. Tyron Woodley officially the new Tito Ortiz vs Dana White feud.

  13. Frankie vs Ortega…ain't even mad 👌

  14. UFC spreads its cards too thin… 221 is awful, and 222 is even worse. Jesus.

  15. Look at all these classcucks defending dana

  16. pssssshh….NONE of those guys wanted those fights….foh!!!

  17. Dana White needs to be like Trump and call out fake news when he sees it.

  18. This might be my favorite Dana White interview, but I dunno. We'll see how this thing plays out.

  19. That fight should have never been made!

  20. DANA you made the fight! How about YOU dont book a UFC rookie against a women who fought for the title.

  21. I can’t wait till Woodley loses that belt, and it’s not gonna be long if he keeps fighting contenders

  22. Dana has always said he can't stand the way Mario Refs….for as long as I've been watching the UFC. I'm glad that they're finally going to do something to protect the fighters from bad reffing from this guy. Thank you Dana!!!!

  23. I want to see bisping vs cm punk. I would pay to see that!

  24. Michael is awesome. A man's man.

  25. Dana White let's all these clowns like Connor and bisping get the fights they want and can't let woodley vs Nate smh

  26. yamasaki vs white : dana make it happen!!!!

  27. That's fake news -Dana White

  28. I'm glad he cleared up that nonsense about Woodley vs Diaz.

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