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Dana White got Schooled by Brendan Schaub, Cormier rips Yoel Romero, Khabib on his next opponent

Dana White got Schooled by Brendan Schaub, Cormier rips Yoel Romero, Khabib on his next opponent – Beef between Dana White and Brendan schaub is still …

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  1. Urban Dictionary: Eskimo Brothers – When two guys have had sex with the same girl, they’re Eskimo Brothers.

  2. I think DC not being able to beat Jon Jones has to do with the weight class they fought at… I mean he weighed at 242lbs something again Stipe and just knocked him out in the first round

  3. I will say we will see, I personally believe the Jon Jones loses as much as he may try to play it off haunt D.C and when he returns and calls D.C out then what? I truly believe that Jon will return call out D.C, retirement or not and if he does not take that 3rd fight if Jon is truly clean then the G.O.A.T will never definitively be answered.

  4. Kahbib a fake champ he beat ai for a fake belt

  5. Bellatpr has become much better than this soap opera league

  6. lol brenden can't spell haha

  7. Kevin Lee Vs Khabib needs to happen, I think he is the only one that could maybe take him out……. lets face it conor will not fight him, and even if he does, khabib WILL NEVER bang them out with conor. Tony Vs Khabib is still interesting but I don't think Dana wants to book it again. and no one wants to watch Poirier or Alvarez fight for a title shot, not big names.

  8. that is so dumb dc just said that he was in the same position dc was in last year crying on the Matt I never saw Romeo crying and he didn't get head kicked in to outer space

  9. Eskimo Bros. Two men who have been intimate with the same woman at the same time.

  10. But but.. We all know brendan schlong is a TOOL

  11. Have a great weekend y'all signing out c ya all Monday morning it was a fun week thanks for all the entertainment you guy's are a blast like me or hate I'm cool with that cheers 🍻👍😉🏇🇨🇦👭😃💊😲😳🎣🎯🐎

  12. Love how Colby calls him TyRONE lol

  13. Junior dos Santos if you fight Daniel Cormier eventually? Be careful because he will get out your eyes out like you did Stipe miocic and he will blind you and then take advantage of you. He's a dirty fighter and he's a cheater and I know Stipe miocic has not said anything about this matter. However, in time I think he will and someone should I needs to other than me and a few other people. If you noticed the fight Stipe had with Daniel, he was beating Daniel the first couple minutes of the very first round and then Daniel poked him in one eye and then poked him in the other with his fingernails he poked him so hard he broke his fingers and look at Stipe face after the fight that was not from punches that was from fingernail cuts. Daniel Cormier is a cheater and if you cheat using performance enhancer drugs or you cheat poking out somebody's eyes so bad that you broke your fingers you're still a cheater. Daniel Cormier should give that belt back to Stipe miocic and anybody else that fights Daniel Cormier. Please be careful because he will poke your eyes out to win also and if you look back at Several of his fights he does that periodically to win the fight he throws a fist and opens up his hand and pokes you in the eye and this time it shows on the video of the fight and he also like I said broke his fingers doing that to Stipe miocic. Daniel Cormier is a fake and he's a cheater and the fighting commission whoever that may be should disqualify him from that fight because of what he did to Stipe miocic and give Stipe his belt back. Junior please keep in mind if you fight Daniel because he and nobody else gives a s*** about what he did to Stipe. Please be careful because he will get your eyes out to win against you. You're a good man Junior, but be careful of that snake because he is nothing more than a slithering snake. Yes Daniel Cormier you are a cheater and a snake in a liar. I'm tired of people praising you for what you did to Stipe and not telling you the truth that you are a dirty fighter and the only way you want that belt was the guys that Man's eyes out not one eye but both eyes you piece of crap Daniel Cormier

  14. Brandon is coming off as a really bitter and immature making accusations that he can't prove just because Dana told the truth and hurt his feelings plus it was wrong about style Bender

  15. DC now that you're a rich champion you should hit up a "D"ental "C"ompany and get those teeth fixed!

  16. Greatest of all time must mean something other then being the best fighter in the world to these ppl. Cormier lost to jones. Twice. Therefore jones is a better fighter and DC is not GOAT

  17. It’s either Khabib vs Tony, Conor vs Khabib, or Conor vs Tony. These are the top lightweight contenders. Tony hasn’t lost a fight since 2013 and Conor KO’d Poirier and Alvarez.

  18. “In Hollywood with the liberal scum” – Colby Covington, dropping truth bombs.
    LMAO this guy wins me over more & more everyday

  19. I guarantee that Dana is out for blood right now.

  20. I heard DC made 1.3 million on his fight with stipe crazy good money

  21. But yet DC lost his fights with Jones why tf he’s talking about ? Acting like he’s the GOAT no nigga keep dreaming

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