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Dana White Announces UFC Contract Winners – Week 4 | Dana White’s Tuesday Night Contender Series

UFC President Dana White joined Laura Sanko to announce the athletes that were awarded UFC contracts after another great night of fights! Subscribe to get all …

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  1. Fuck Dana hes fucking the UFC up

  2. Wait, I know her.I had sex with her last week. She has my seeeeed.

  3. Hordick.mpeg "imma fuck a white bitch" starts playing in the background.

  4. sanko is p4p hottest fighter of all time

  5. He's looking at her tits in the thumbnail.

  6. hit 0:00 and pause… tell me that is not the faces of 2 people who fucked.
    her face says, the camera guy knows I fucked Dana to get this job
    his face says, I'm a 3 pump chump

  7. Kevin wins?? Seriously?? He doesnt win that fight man, round 1 and 2 belongs to Joey, Kevin lost evidently, the jugdges give him the fight cause he is promoted (in mma not ever wins the best, maybe wins the most promoted, deals are deals) but he fighted soooo bad, he deserves to be in the LFA, not in the UFC. Right now this is one of the dirtiest sports on the planet, where you can beat your opponent , but if 3 guys (the judges, who can be corrupt) say you lose, you lose and that fucks your career and your effort, when i say things like that i lose my hope in this sport, is my favourite sport but with that things i prefer to go and watch a soccer or basket game.

  8. I don't even have fight pass, just watching these for Laura

  9. laura please fart to my face, I wanna smell that

  10. Kevin Aguilar and Ricky Palacios deserved the contract too. Their performances aren't the best, but Kevin Aguilar will must be in the UFC now, or he will keep ripping top guys' heads off in LFA; and Ricky is going to be hard to beat even in the UFC.

  11. Jordan straight from ABQ kickboxing

  12. laura sanko can get these hands

  13. anyone else feel like they're overextending themselves? i understand its supposed to be competitive but dana is painting himself into a corner here. people have two dominant performances and barely get the contract, then the next round is folks who already had dominant performances last season against folks who had equally good showings this time and the earlier people inevitably get the contract. if you're not ready to give out contracts to every deserving fighter, dont frame a show that way. i dont want to see a good fighter from last season get a contract every week until infinity. if you only have so much money or roster room, cut it short. this isn't competitive, it's frustrating and ridiculous

  14. Dana on pijama tshirt = free homeless night fight for some money. Dana's backyard milking bums.

  15. I would love to be rewarded a contract for UFC that was it be huge

  16. jaylin turner should get another fight on the show

  17. That ABQ blue meth got these motherfuckers goin beast mode!!.. 💪

  18. can some1 tell me,were i can watching this fights?

  19. Laura seems really nervous in these bits, chill out, relax already. Or you might just get sent to Invicta, or Smellator…

  20. Laura Pm me for a private audition!

  21. Laura Sanko looking Great

  22. How did Turner not get the fucking contract

  23. From a boxing fan to a ufc fan it hurts me how boxing died out so much.. just look how much subs ufc has and go look at how much subs boxing channels have

  24. Dana always looking fresh

  25. I just watch these interviews to see my girl Laura Sanko 🔥😍❤️😘

  26. Lol be professional gurl

  27. Laura has much improved with her interviewing skills since her early awkward interview skills set with invicta.

  28. Basically nobody got a contract this week if you want to be honest. Dana gave it to Jordan Esponiza for 1 reason: he needs help to find someone to take the UFC Flyweight Championship off of Mighty Mouse. Dana was impressed with Jordan. Bevin Lewis, I understand why Bisping hates developmental deals. Lets be honest, its code for they dont want Bevin to be signed to Bellator but in their mind, he isnt ready yet to debut on a card. He is 6-0 after tonight.

  29. Bevon is straight sav 👹 Jackson Wink breeds amazing fighters.

  30. Bro… this guy looks like Jon Jones 😂

  31. Bevon looks like Jon Jones’ stunt double.

  32. Dana White announces which UFC ring girls he slept with

  33. Laura lets start with dinner then finish off with dancing & a movie or not

  34. 00:29 Dana just tossing away fighters like it’s nothin 💪 😂

  35. Laura look's soaked hanging around all those big black men everybody wants her job lucky girl 🤗🙃🇨🇦🏃🐎🏇

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