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Dana White Announces UFC Contract Winners – Week 1 | Dana White’s Tuesday Night Contender Series

After a spectacular first episode of season two of Dana White’s Tuesday Night Contender Series, the UFC President joined Laura Sanko to announce who was …

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  1. Kinda think Curtis deserved a contract.

  2. Leaving Curtis without a contract was the joke of the night. Dana is more concerned with creating a ratings spectacle than the actual sport. What a tool

  3. Montel beats all them dudes 100% guaranteed

  4. dana wants to smash this chick so bad

  5. damn this interviewer hot af

  6. Dana white looking like thanos on the thumbnail for a second

  7. id do a lot of very dirty things to her

  8. So the first guy who got in had to come back when he gets more experience but Greg hardy got in on his first pro fight good job making sense dana

  9. Alonzo is as cool as penguin balls. He’s going to be fun to watch.

  10. I have a feeling we may see Hardy in TUF to gain experience it's the heavyweights coming up soon. 🙂

  11. Dana pay your fighters well 😒

  12. Great interviews. 2 beasts are really going to mix it up.

  13. I ground and pound lauro sanko all day 🍑🍆

  14. So if you win 1 pro fight you get hyped into the UFC ?

  15. Dana white looking like a nurse haha

  16. Dana’s looking straight down her top in the thumbnail 😂 eyes 👀 up Dana

  17. la gente abla mierda de danna pero si no fuera por el muchos estuvieran pelando casi de gratis!!…lo que no saben es que en esas divisiones pagan una mierda por eso es que dejan que los patrocinadores le paguen aparte al peleador…..danna solo exige una cosa…..humildad por encima de todo,y que aproveches la oportunidad peleando como si tu vida dependiera de ello.asi que el que lo critica es por que es un cabron de mierda malagraecido

  18. Shiet this woman, along with Gina Carano, is the hottest (former) fighter in the history of MMA.

  19. Is it true if you have a 10 winning streak you can get in the ufc?

  20. Greg "SHE TOUCHED ME FUURST" Hardy

  21. They all fucked this trailer whore later, trailer paid for by Uncle Dana ( drugs included ).

  22. Fuck you Dana White! Your head has gotten too big! All you do now is praise the shittiest people you can dig up. I hope one of them smacks you on live TV. -P.S. I've always thought you looked like a fag.

  23. Chris Curtis got robbed!

  24. curtis should have a got a contract

  25. I think Dana has high blood pressure

  26. Ben askren vs GSP would be greak

  27. I would like to see Dana sign Ben Arkren and Micheal page too , I would to see page vs wonder boy ,

  28. I don't like Dana White , but what he done for UFC and MMA was great ,

  29. Noticed how she doesn't touch Dana sexually with her hands during the interview like she does with the fighters?

    She can't resist touching sweaty half naked fighters with her hands.

    Dana had to hide his hands in his pockets to stop her from molesting him.

    She makes creepy Joe Biden groping little girls look normal.

  30. They give this guy a chance but not Ben Askren…….

  31. Typical dana…the guy has never fought professionally before. ..so we're gonna bring him in ! Fucking joke..dudes Killin the sport

  32. 3:57 "Everything I can Axe for!"

  33. besides the fact hes a former football player, try to explain to me why they would pick hardy over curtis.

  34. Oh no… their going to do Greg Hardy CM Punk…

  35. alonzo is super humble…g lk G BLESS.

  36. do u remember: Come on in let's make a sandwich? 😀 I want a real homevideo with her

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