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Contender Stories: Karl Roberson

Striking standout Karl Roberson was signed to the UFC after an impressive performance on Dana White’s Tuesday NightContender Series. Watch his incredible …

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  1. Love the fact that I'm friends with him. And he's such an amazing guy

  2. I was at a family party, my wife's friends. While I'm there I met a fighter named Karl. We bullshitted a bit and he was a genuinely nice guy. While I'm saying my goodbyes I find out he's going to fight on Nov. 11th. I say, "Damn, that's my wedding day, I'm going to miss it.". Around a mouthful of food he puts his fist out for the pound and says, "Wedding gift.". Thanks for that man. I hope you take the division by storm.

  3. Why is there a Venezuelan flag on his gym?

  4. damn those arms, i wish i had black genetics

  5. I'm looking forward to see his first fight and debut on #UFCNorfolk tomorrow night

  6. Roberson vs Luke Rockhold. Book it Dana. He fought the distance with Jerome Lebanner. Roberson is beyond ready for top tier.

  7. Brian Wright is old school karate style martial arts.

  8. yeah me too , i'm from the streets. ma house is right on the street, so you know, from that, you can infer, deduce, that i'm from the streets. once a week i go to walmart with a shopping cart, coz i gatsa eat, u know, get that bread. wonder bread. hustle shit.

  9. Great prospect!!!! I can't wait to watch his ufc debut!

  10. Karl gonna shock the UFC with his debut today. I'm positive in this one.

  11. For a dude that came from the streets he seems clean cut. Hope you make it bro…

  12. Hes from jersey so im a fan.

  13. UFC is the greatest MMA org in history but still starving for new talents.

  14. Seems like a really cool guy

  15. Karl Robinson is a great Fighter!

  16. That his girl at the end or the one after the fight cheering?

  17. They should just call the UFC ULTIMATE KICKBOXING CHAMPIONSHIP

  18. They ALWAYS go to the barber shop in these combat sports videos that features fighters.

  19. looks like a very good prospect, MW is starting to get exciting again with so many new guys like Anders, Costa, Roberson, Piechota etc

  20. Emil meek vs usman looks like a good upcoming fight…i think dana fucking sucks at making fights though for the most part. Make Doo ho choi fight teruto ishihara for your china card. Korean zombie should fight cub swanson. fuck lamas and fuck aldo. aldo just got his ass kicked. gsp vs conor is actually interesting. Northcut vs gaithje…jan blachowicz vs gokhan saki…luke rtockhold vs uriah hall, cobey covington vs mickey gall. akiyama vs dong hyun kim. , jorge masdival vs hyun gyu lim, mike perry vs woodley, dillawshaw vs kid yamamoto,to bad you dont have guys like yi long, gegard mousasi, ben askren. buakaw…Gegard mousasi is the legit goat of mma..he has almost no flaws in his game

  21. Can someone explain what the conteder series is?

  22. Roberson seems like a genuine guy. Came from the streets yet moving his way up with a good attitude and work ethic. Proves you don't have to have be a victim of your environment you can overcome it.

  23. why do people still use that same fake ass crowd noise?

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